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Thankful for Thanksgiving

Most people have heard this saying before; at least, I know I have…a multitude of times. Yet somehow, I can’t turn off my brain and simply stop worrying. 461 more words


There’s a phrase I like to use in my loving kindness meditations “May you be free”. It means free from all danger inner and outer, free from all labels and barriers and fears. 367 more words

Embrace my fear

I was told regularly that my fears were ridiculous, unwarranted, and unreasonable.  Then I went into counseling and remembered why I had my fears, they were a reasonable reaction to horrifying events.  387 more words


Need to know

Ever heard the phase, “Need to know” as a basis if you need to hear information?  I like watching detective and cop shows and sometimes hear this phrase.  763 more words



This week has helped me come to new realizations. Things change. Whether it’s people, lifestyle, or emotions everything changes. I got a new tattoo, my hair is grey, and a new apartment. 56 more words

Sharing my thoughts

I share my experience with PTSD with dissociation at a severe level because I want to let others know they are not alone.  I have no military experience.  279 more words


So, is something wrong with me?

So, the last post was all empowering and Woo! Yeah! Learn about yourself. That post was genuine but those emotional “highs” were rare.  Something was wrong and I didn’t realize it.   524 more words