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Poetry Experiment: The Ugly, Beautiful Truth

Time stands frozen, awaiting the new,

while long-lost memories decay,

forgotten and brushed away.

Every moment, every experience,

builds us, moulds us into something greater. 74 more words



Dear M,

Sometimes I wonder if I should have done more that night 2 weeks ago. If we should have stayed up until the sun rose talking, figuring out what exactly was going wrong. 36 more words


Tell Me

I’m lost within the corner’s of my own mind.

Trapped within the stalks of uncertainty and strength

Not strength to save myself but strength to wonder if I can save both of us…even when there is no us… 98 more words


Questions Questions

There are questions and then there are QUESTIONS.

I believe in asking questions.  This article went on to identify and clarify several things that I believe about questions.  647 more words


Family Roles

I became unreasonably dismayed that my online art therapy teacher asked me to make a family tree as one of the projects.  I pushed pause and walked away. 473 more words



Look around you: so much disconnect in a world that begs to be connected in a meaningful way. Yes, technology has allowed this little blue orb to seem like a much smaller place—yet we feel distant. 325 more words


To the Pain

A challenge in “Princess Bride” rather than a fight to the death it would be a fight to the pain.  The description stayed vivid in my mind.  924 more words