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It is hard sometimes...

It is hard some days to keep things in your head…because you will always see it in my eyes, on my face, in my silence. 609 more words

Flood Gates

Walls pivoting sideways,

Become gates opening to new views.

Open gates of understanding!!


Going on with The Lord

I have been pondering this recently because we seem to be hanging out with people who say this often. What does it mean?

People talk about how they “ 562 more words

Being Me

Acceptance of self

Emerging From Broken

It was when I finally refused to pretend that everything was okay and I validated that what happened to me was wrong NO MATTER if I was believed or not, no matter if I was disapproved of or not, that was when I recovered.

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“The hurrier i go, the behinder i get.”   From a poster on my wall from high school…

I find links and save them for future posts after I read them.  183 more words


Admitting defeat

Last month I experienced a person taking advantage to me because of my not understanding how things were done at school.  A month later, I knew I would encounter the same person.  369 more words


Acceptance and the Art of Chronic Illness

Approach illness as an experiment in staying present, in opening your heart in hell. Discuss how we fear our hidden pain even more than death, and how noting and mindfulness brings that pain to the surface where it can be healed.

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