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If I were to compare myself to how I feel about myself today and how I felt one year ago, the different is huge. Even though I had depression and I still worry a lot, I am not so mean to myself like I was before. 613 more words


Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Food, that is. When we’re bombarded with “10 Ways to Curb Your Appetite” and “5 Ways to Slash Calories” it’s easy for any health-conscious individual to get wrapped up in eating less. 823 more words


Comfortable in your own skin

A part of the human condition is being somewhat alone, stuck in your own bubble of solitude. You can always try to label why you are a little bit empty; maybe it’s because the people you surround yourself with don’t know you well enough; maybe you simply can’t find ‘the person’ to enjoy your happiness with; or maybe, you are looking to find yourself, something you definitely cannot find in another person. 239 more words



We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved.

They come together and they fall apart. 55 more words

Always Stay Present

Veering away from the present–the actual NOW of your life can confuse you and bring much sorrow.

“To help you be more present in your life today, stop what you are doing once an hour and ask yourself ‘Where are my feet?’ ”  … 192 more words

Living Life

“Rollin' with the Homies”

“Rollin’ with the Homies”

So, I’m proud to say that I basically have a very awesome set of friends in my life.  Some range from extremely close to new and amazing.  243 more words

Don't Challenge Karma

I learned long ago, before counseling, when I was raising my small children we checked out a library book called, It Could Always be Worse.  ( 161 more words