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Releasing & Accepting Divine Timing

I am currently dealing with or should I say, working through something in my life and it’s difficult because I don’t have patience. I’m ready to move forward yet I KNOW it’s not time yet, but I’m ready to move on. 68 more words


The Days Following My Acceptance...

***I wrote this a while ago, but had some computer issues and then life happened.***

DAY ONE: The smile never faded. It didn’t matter that I got QSFB. 666 more words


The Spoon Theory

This is a copyrighted web page that I find extremely helpful.  I decided to add it to the resources page.  I believe it is a way to explain to those that want to understand how quickly energy is drained away. 6 more words


Taming Transitions

June 26, 2017
By Peg Ryan
Mile High Pilates and Yoga

Time is such a peculiar concept.  When you look at the universe, the stars, the planets, time doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot.   1,128 more words


What I like about... Me!

This is a little take on a song lyric (“what I like about you” if you’re not familiar with the song) that I thought was great for this blog entry.  561 more words

Health Care/Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

When You Get Tired of Your Life

​Someday you feel tired of what happened in your life. You feel that you did your best but you are not. You did everything you could but you never get the outcomes as what you expected. 509 more words


The Most Important Relationship

I ask people all the time what is the most important relationship in your life?  Most people will answer their spouse, children, parents, friends, and then look to me to see if they got the answer right.  469 more words

Health Care/Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual