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Graph of symptoms

This is a link that shows a graph of the PTSD Symptoms.


I lived for 40 years with PTSD not knowing it was part of my life.  350 more words


Just a Thought

“What do you want to be remembered for?”

I don’t know.  I really wish that I had an adorable answer–I want to be good at science or I want to be remembered for my writing.   387 more words


Happen again

“You worry about things that will never happen.”  Sadly, this was a comment used to put me down.  No one believed what happened on 9/11 when planes fell from the sky.  367 more words


... and Things That Are Unhelpful

I would have written this yesterday but we were doing the final packing of the house and driving to our holiday cottage.

Well after the great one line help from Martin Scott – which actually was very appropriate for the actual journey because the main motorway we had to go up was blocked and we had to do a pretty major detour through the middle of Wales, adding 2 hours to our journey, and then also made an error of judgement on a junction adding more to the journey. 410 more words


A Little Story About Letting Go...

A little story about letting go, accepting what is, and moving on: On Friday I couldn’t find my prescription glasses. I was baffled and miffed because this was my favorite pair which I keep in my car for driving! 235 more words


Things that help

We are finding this part of the house move journey trying. Not difficult but trying. We are stuck in this limbo land of not knowing when things will happen and not having any control of how or when things will complete. 450 more words