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Beyond the smiles.

It was my husband’s birthday yesterday. To honour the spunky hunk I posted a reasonably recent photo of him on Facebook, along with a few lines about how I feel about him. 632 more words

It is a Tuesday.

First off before I start – I am a sad girl :( Our Wpg Family’s kitty Jabba – passed away this morning. I am going to miss him alot. 497 more words

The Church Needs to be More Accepting of...

I’m seeing more and more pronouncements in Christian media that begin with the words: “The Church needs to be more accepting of…”  Now, I’m used to the anti-Christian voices judging the Church of Jesus Christ for being judgmental or hateful or intolerant of many types of people or behaviors.   814 more words


Being Yourself

Accepting yourself.

It’s as easy as putting a book on the shelf.

But it’s as hard as expressing ones-self.

Always rejecting help.

Drowning in the darkest depths of your own hell. 38 more words


I Still Go There Sometimes

Like a breeze the scent of the past fills me.

 Peeking through it’s window my heart sees bits of the story.

And for that moment I am snapped back… 97 more words

A Poem

It's not me. It's you.


Isn’t this something we all crave on some level? Even those of us who claim to not care about what people think of us, how people see us, even how many people see/read our posts must have some craving for acceptance on some level. 444 more words


It's not about DOING, it's about BEING

What question do I hate to be asked?   It’s the same question that I hate to ask anyone else.  “What do you DO?”  I don’t want to get to know someone by knowing what they do – we all do what we have to do to get through our lives and pay our bills. 120 more words

DP Challenge