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Messed-up Parents

Years ago I listened to Dr. Murray Banks talk about Mental Hygiene.   He shared that mental illness is not heredity.  The thing you may get is pretty peculiar parents which can precipitate using insanity as a means of survival. 791 more words


It's time to be honest with ourselves - Dr Ashlea Broomfield

Nothing will change unless we do. Unless our attitudes do. Unless our current strategies do.

Unless we are willing to.

I have been involved in leadership positions of some sort or other within the GP and medico-political landscape for a few years. 481 more words

Personal Messages

This is Me Letting Go

It took me a while to decide whether I should post this or not, but we live in a digital world where everyone checks everyone online. 778 more words

Transitioning the United States and Something about a Mistress

Properly transitioning the United States into a more accepting nation does not have to be a hostile process. There are many things we can do to encourage multiculturalism without forcing our faith or religion on others. 767 more words

Daily Life Perspective


In the darkest room a single candle sheds the greatest light.  The consequences of sexual abuse darkens a life.  Feelings of unworthiness, disgust, self-distrust, sorrow, and so many other negative feelings crowd out light….like a heavy thick smokey fog choking out life.  348 more words



Death, in particular does not taunt me. I have said it in situations that I never thought I would and have had said it to people whom I never thought I would. 375 more words


Jamaica Isn’t Accepting Recommendation to Give CARICOM Ultimatum on CSME Implementation

Prime Minister Andre.. The post Jamaica Isn’t Accepting Recommendation to Give CARICOM Ultimatum on CSME Implementation appeared first on ilandvibez.com.