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Access All Areas...Distributor cuts are made for cinema release to avoid nudity being mentioned in the BBFC consumer advice

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Access All Areas is a 2017 UK comedy music drama by Bryn Higgins.
Starring Ella Purnell, Georgie Henley and Nigel Lindsay.

87 more words

Debutantes caught in a revolving door

Chiffon scarf trapped in the mechanism, in one moment and out the next, always new and never seen before, learning disability in general audience-facing theatre is stuck in debut mode. 563 more words

take my smash mouth gently...

give me looking said the mirror

on the ground many old tickets

with the words “pretty faces”

down by the railroad tracks

junky arm art… 73 more words

Modern Art

the Far Canal...

particles all rubbing themselves together

all together particles rubbing themselves

rubbing themselves all particles together

themselves together particles rubbing all

together themselves rubbing all particles… 37 more words

Modern Art

itchy part

there is a big thought

used to measure how far the clouds are from my eyes

it determines how long my dreams are

it regulates the loudness of my wishes… 32 more words

Modern Art

alien in my fence...

zero hiding in rocks

one climbs onto the shore

two become four more

cos twined life evolves

squared equal plus minus

four score and twenty… 6 more words

Modern Art