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Partnering With A Service To Create Your Access Control List (ACL)

Most businesses today create and maintain websites for their clients and customers to use. These sites showcase what products and services are available. They also provide social media plugins that people can use to connect with their favorite companies online. 292 more words

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Cara Configurasi Standard Access List (ACL)


Bulan lalu saya sudah memposting tentang access control list (ACL) yang terdiri dari standard access list dan extended access list. Hari ini saya akan coba memberikan contoh penggunanaan standard access list menggunakan packet tracer. 683 more words


Access Control List


Hari ini saya coba berbagi tentang access control list atau biasa disebut ACL.  Fasilitas ini biasa kita gunakan untuk sebagai filter atau firewall didalam cisco router. 171 more words


Access Control Lists (ACL)

Access Control Lists (ACL) are very powerful security feature of Cisco IOS. By using Access Control Lists (ACL), we can deny unwanted access to the network while allowing internal users appropriate access to necessary services. 381 more words


Cisco Packet Tracer - Access control lists (ACL)

Tämä on jatkoa harjoitukselle: Cisco Packet Tracer – Dynaaminen reititys (RIPv2)

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• Lisää konfiguraatioon access-listat joiden ansiosta kytkinten ylläpito-osoitteeseen pääsevät kiinni vain VLAN 10 verkossa olevat PC:t… 456 more words

Access Control Lists

Access lists can be configured for all routed network protocols (IP, AppleTalk, and so on) to filter the packets of those protocols as the packets pass through a router. 1,418 more words

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How to Set Access Control Lists (ACL’s) and Disk Quotas for Users and Groups

Access Control Lists (also known as ACLs) are a feature of the Linux kernel that allows to define more fine-grained access rights for files and directories than those specified by regular… 1,582 more words