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It's just an ID, right? New MeetUp!

No! It’s not just an identification card, it’s one of the first lines of defense for your property, employees and business, AND it’s one of the most effective and least expensive security measures you can take – IF you get it right! 140 more words


10 Security Domain

  1. Access Control Systems and Methodology
  2. Telecommunications and Network Security
  3. Information Security Governance and Risk Management
  4. Software Development Security
  5. Cryptography
  6. Security Architecture and Design Security Operations…
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Information Security Governance And Risk Management

Videx expands digital door entry panel range with development of 4212 model

Videx has introduced a new series of digital door entry panels for end users complete with advanced features designed to strengthen building access control regimes. 351 more words


Movie Theater Bag Checks: Good For Sales Not Safety

A simple bag inspection at a movie theater may help to raise concession sales — making it harder to sneak in your own candy — but it will do very little to reduce risk of harm to patrons. 142 more words

Spencer Coursen

Throttling of API's using WSO2 API Manager

When exposing API’s for consumption it is of paramount importance that the API access is controlled so that service consumers are not able to misuse these exposed API’s. 458 more words

API Management

Can Internal Control be the Key to Longevity

by Thomas Frenehard, GRC Solution Management

Back in the 1920s the average longevity of companies in the S&P 500 index was 67 years, compared to just 15 years in 2012, according to Professor Richard Foster from Yale.  507 more words

Enterprise Performance Management

Chaos and Cryptography

This article proposes theories that aim to improve standard security architecture, specifically in the realms of cryptography and access control. The main proofs of concept focus on the future of email cryptography, email biometrics, public key infrastructure (PKI), and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). 570 more words