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Low Profile Office 365 Breach Reported

A couple years ago I wrote:

“I am told by many in my industry (and some vendors) that ‘if we put it in the cloud it will work better, cheaper, be safer, and always be available.’ Under most general financial services use cases (as opposed to niche functionality) that statement seems without foundation.” 690 more words

Risk Management

Are you perplexed about which product or solution to consider for purchase? Deciding how much money is fair to spend on a security system today can be a daunting task.   425 more words

Security Surveillance

Security vs Fire Safety: Choosing the right lock for your fire doors

A review undertaken by Fire Door Inspection Scheme in 2015 revealed that over 61% of fire doors inspected had problems with fire or smoke seals, 230 fire doors inspected had gaps bigger than 3mm between door and frames and almost 1 in 6 had damage to the door leaf. 665 more words

Access Control

Revenue access management

Do you want to know what happens at all times and to act effectively no matter where you are? The software for parking management parkingcloud360 Operator Services gives you the information and tools you need for the smooth development of your business. 83 more words

Parking management

Our motivation is to provide the best advice to our customers and provide an excellent service to the users of our centres. The user becomes more aware and more demanding when choosing the place to leave his vehicle, requires a professional treatment and a space that provides other complementary services. 102 more words

Smart parking management

Welcome to ParkingCloud360, is the world’s most having great power and comprehensive Smart parking management. Data gathered and analyzed by Parkingcloud360 can be used for a huge range of management functions, including directing drivers to available space, payment options, infringement enforcement and future planning. 100 more words