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MorphoSmart Biometrics Review

Product Report:

The MorphoSmart Optic 301 Version 1.0 is a biometric system comprised of fingerprint detection hardware and biometric authentication software.  It uses fingerprints to identify, verify, and authenticate subjects, and can store token data for up to 5,000 users.   262 more words


Home Security and Convenience: APPLE WATCH

Here are just a few of the things our app lets you do.

✓ View all of your home’s key devices in one app
✓ Check the status of important devices in a Glance… 50 more words


Picking up from my last issue were I spoke about how operational requirements should steer Security installment processes rather than they being commodity-based purchases. As a purchaser you should be aware of the false economies of purchasing purely on price and ensure that goods/services are fit for purpose. 247 more words

Divine Ndhlukula;


Too often are our valuables are protected by sub-standard equipment that isn’t fit for the purpose. As a professional I will in this issue and the next help support decision makers to make informed decisions when it comes to buying security technology. 231 more words

Access Control

Verizon Says Passwords are Not Enough

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time performing static code security assessments of web applications. That leads to working with developers and those who work around them. 193 more words

Application Security

CarontePass: Open Access Control For Your Hackerspace

A problem faced by all collaborative working spaces as they grow is that of access control. How can you give your membership secure access to the space without the cost and inconvenience of having a keyholder on site at all times. 259 more words

Security Hacks

CyberLock 101

The world of physical access control is complex and constantly changing, making finding the right system for you a challenging process. This article gives you a bare-bones overview of one possible option, CyberLock. 968 more words

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