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Access Denied - PHPMyAdmin Error

Hello Friends,
We might have come across this error when we access PHPMyAdmin page from cPanel.

Access Denied

Unable to establish a PHP session.

If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings. 159 more words

"Access Denied" Error When Capturing a Windows Image with MDT 2013 and WDS

Hi All,

This took a few hours of my life away, so I’d like to prevent that happening to others.

Scenario: When attempting to capture a custom image with MDT/WDS, the capture process failed on process ‘Create WIM’ with error “Access Denied”.   139 more words

SharePoint 2013 - Office 365 - Creating a Custom list from a Provider-Hosted App programmatically

Recently I’ve been looking into building SharePoint apps both for Office 365 and for on-premises SharePoint 2013.

It’s not to complicated but the right steps have to be followed. 388 more words


Hard Disk Access Error

When trying to access or work with files and folders you may get “Access Denied” or other errors. You may encounter the following issues when working with files or folders in Windows. 133 more words

Access Denied

mysql error - Access denied for user 'mw'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

When accessing mysql if an error similar to above error occurs then you can do the following.

mw@mewanthaWrites-PC:~$ mysql -u root -p

This will ask for a password. 95 more words


Timeless, Part 1

One issue with me having two jobs and holding offices in multiple professional and service organizations is that I have to constantly balance those obligations and my constant urge to take naps in random places. 1,097 more words


Do Genres Of Music Exist?

I know, pretty heavy for a blog post, right? Difficult philosophical questions have never been all too popular with the average human. So, I’ll try to keep this as light as possible… 440 more words