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How to Bake Your Own Anonymizing Pie

So, you want anonymity when browsing the Internet? This is proving to be quite a hit now that ISPs are en route to being allowed to sell your traffic history (or do whatever they want with it). 2,445 more words

Tutorial!: Cara Setting TP-Link sebagai Client

“Eh, lu ngapain ke warkop bawa CPU?”

“Skripsi deadline besok bro, sekalian Tethering dong…”

Punya komputer tapi gak bisa connect Wi-Fi? Jangan sedih, kalian cuma butuh satu AP TP-Link dan semua masalah akan musnah. 145 more words


Tutorial: Cara Setting TP-Link sebagai Repeater

“Woi, sinyalnya kusut nih!”

“Pindah tempat aja lah, di sini kaga enak.”

Kalau kalian punya koneksi jaringan di rumah dan kayaknya pengen disebarluaskan, kalian gak perlu lagi pasang hub atau switch baru, atau bahkan beli koneksi lagi. 158 more words


Integrating RADIUS Server to Ubiquiti UniFi


You have your RADIUS server configured – now what?  Now, it is time to ingrate the RADIUS server to your Access Point! Since we use Ubiquiti Unifi as the AP in our office, I will be showing you how to connect the RADIUS server to the AP. 113 more words


Configure ESP8266 Wifi with WiFiManager

There’s no doubt that the ESP8266 has made creating little WiFi widgets pretty easy. However, a lot of projects hard code the access point details into the device. 322 more words

Wireless Hacks

VMware Access Point Firewall Rule Generator

Hello Folks,

When deploying Virtual Desktop/Application remote access solutions you often need to engage with ‘The Firewall Guy’. This can often be a difficult conversation involving lots of questions such as “what?”, “from where?”, “to where?” and “why?” 294 more words

What is CACHATTO Access Point?

CACHATTO Access Point authenticates and relays corporate data between CACHATTO SecureBrowser (application) and CACHATTO server. It does not store any corporate data, as the memory is temporarily cached and is immediately deleted after the data has been relayed. 274 more words