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Are Your Packages Really More Secure With UPS' New Access Point Service?

Last October, United Parcel Service announced it would attempt to cut down on delivery stops and protect consumers’ packages from sticky fingers with its Access Point service… 518 more words

Hackaday Prize Entry : Subterranean Positioning System

There are numerous instances where we need to know our location, but cannot do so due to GPS / GSM signals being unavailable and/or unreachable on our Smart Phones. 215 more words

Wireless Hacks

Wi-Fi Congestion

The range of 2.4GHz frequencies reserved for Wi-Fi is fairly limited and with so many Wi-Fi devices and networks these days, it is not unusual for wireless networks in the same location to share the same frequencies and this results in lower connection speeds and even connection drop outs in extreme situations. 377 more words


Make an AP with Raspberry Pi - 라즈베리파이로 공유기 구성하기


  • 라즈베리파이 (혹은 다른 Linux 싱글 보드 컴퓨터)
  • 무선 랜 모듈 (USB – 라즈베리파이와 호환되는지 반드시 확인할 것)
  • Raspberry Pi (or any other Linux single-board PC)

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A new Access Point for Small Businesses…

… introducing the HP M330.

New to HP iQuote the HP M330 Dual Radio 802.11ac Access Point offers small businesses simultaneous 1.3 Gbps IEEE 802.11ac performance and up to 450 Mbps IEEE 802.11n support. 97 more words