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A Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point for HiBal Missions


During Pre-flight checkout, and post-flight data dumps, I’d like a balloon payload flight computer to function as a stand alone wireless access point. I show how to setup a Raspberry Pi as a stand alone wireless access point, and include shell scrips to switch between a mode to connect to my home wifi network, and a standalone access point mode. 2,753 more words


Axilspot unveils AIP10 Access Point

August Chen, Axilspot
Enterprise wireless networking vendor Axilspot has introduced its latest outdoor and long distance Access Point – AIP10 in the Middle East and Africa. 27 more words

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge not detecting 5GHz Wireless AC Access Point

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and just recently purchased a brand spanking new AC wireless router (mine is a TP-Link Archer C2 AC750) you  might be surprised to find out that your spiffy phone doesn’t detect the 5GHz access point while the… 111 more words

Go Go Gadget..Stuff!!

Sharing Bersama Mbah Suro membahas tentang Kepribadian dan Karakter

A. Judul “Sharing Bersama Mbah Suro membahas tentang Kepribadian dan Karakter”
B. Pendahuluan
  1. Latar Belakang
    Latar Belakang dari pembahasan ini adalah Sekarang banyak yang belum faham arti dan makna dari kepribadian dan karakter.
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AP 1242AG E K9

Here are some notes of this AP:

ACL on ethernet interface working in/out

ACL on radiointerface working

ACL on BVI interface working

ip-helper on radiointerface not working

Access Point

Mengaplikasikan Dua Jaringan dengan TP-LINK TL-WR740N

A. Pendahuluan
  1. Pengertian
    Sebuah perangkat keras jaringan komputer yang dapat digunakan untuk menghubungkan beberapa jaringan yang sama atau berbeda.
  2. Latar Belakang
    Kita Misalkan Jika ada Seseorang yang ingin  membangun jaringan sederhana sesuai dengan topologi di atas, dan mempercayai kita sebagai pembuat jaringan.
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Indwelling: When God dwells in us

Last year, my father left us for eternity.  He was fighting a deadly sickness.  God took him home because He loved and care for him.  It was a good thing for my father, I would say. 729 more words