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Retrospective: Richard Bolam at 50. It’s all over bar the shouting. #bolamat50

However, it feels as though there is still a lot of shouting yet to do. Here are a few photos from the closing event at… 385 more words

100 reams of A4 paper needed for an artwork commemorating the 16 million dead of the First World War #Casualty1418 #WW1 #EndlessWar

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke (1729 – 1726).

Casualty 14-18… 267 more words

PLAY! would like to thank...

Curious Machine for providing music on the opening night.


James Holden for his poetry performances on the opening night.

http://www.culturalwriter.co.uk | @CulturalWriter

And, of course, 16 more words


PLAY! Artist #13 - Julien Masson

Space Clash                                                                     

Artsim is the collaborative project of UK-based artists Ian Kirkpatrick and J Masson.  Its mission is to explore new fusions of graphic design and contemporary art via online experiments and dialogues.    20 more words


PLAY! Artist #12 - Sharon Haward


Haward uses a mixture of digital technologies, TV, video, computer games, photography and Photoshop to create work that communicates a slippery kind of narrative content. 30 more words


PLAY! Artist #11 - Michael Borkowsky

Pixel Poetry: Sonic the Hedgehog 2                               

In which our hero, Sonic, deals with the existential trauma of relinquishing his own sense of choice in favour of being considered a hero.