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The Effects of Medicaid Expansion under the ACA: Findings from a Literature Review

From the Issue Brief by Larisa Antonisse, Rachel Garfield, Robin Rudowitz and Samantha Artiga from the Kaiser Family Foundation:

Research on the effects of Medicaid expansions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can help increase understanding of how the ACA has impacted coverage; access to care, utilization, and health outcomes; and various economic outcomes, including state budgets, the payer mix for hospitals and clinics, and the employment and labor market. 226 more words

Health Disparities

Key Facts on Health and Health Care by Race and Ethnicity

From the article by Samantha Artiga, Julian Foutz, Elizabeth Cornachione, and Rachel Garfield From the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Disparities in health and health care remain a persistent challenge in the United States. 277 more words

Health Disparities

It Is 'All About Me', All The Time

In the oft-repeated words of Mae West, “Enough about me, let’s talk about me.” This, primarily UK, MS support group has had one post about the most momentous thing to happen to our country since WW2. 393 more words


Organ Donation Campaign

The UNOS website summarizes the efforts recently coordinated and announced by the White House to increase organ donation, at https://www.unos.org/unos-announces-efforts-to-increase-the-number-of-transplants/ .  Regional institutions involved include UCLA, University of Washington, OHSU, NKC, and DCI.   78 more words

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Mental Health Care Disparities Impact Population Health

From the article by Jacqueline Belliveau in HealthIT Analytics:

Some of the biggest challenges that healthcare providers face when developing effective population health management strategies include racial and ethnic care disparities and integrating mental and physical health. 374 more words

Health Disparities

The U.S. Health Disadvantage And The Role Of Spending

From the article by Steven Woolf and Laudan Aron on the Health Affairs Blog:

Each week it seems, more evidence emerges regarding the poor health of Americans. 509 more words

Health Equity

Access to care: time to reconsider the concept?

Imagine the uncertainty and level of decision-making required to visit a healthcare facility for a cholesterol test, blood pressure check or the renewal of a script… 741 more words