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Wanted - Suitable Walks

This is an appeal for walks. The Static Rambler is in danger of just becoming yet another diary of “walks I have done”, without even the added interest of real challenge and danger. 206 more words


An All-Access Pass

S (Scripture): John 2:13 Now the Jewish feast of Passover was near, so Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

14 He found in the temple courts those who were selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers sitting at tables. 538 more words

Digging Daily

Cheap WOW Gears For Sale | Progress and access to quests

Beyond Ancient Mana your progress and access to quests for the nightfallen will be controlled by your reputation level. In the beginning you can only follow the quests that are available to you. 525 more words


Cruise Poem 02

Unexpectedly –
I have no phone, Internet –
On a week long cruise –
Disappearing from the world –
Without notice from the world

09.02.16… 175 more words


Optical Drives

Optical Drives

Replacing your optical drive is a fast, easy, inexpensive way to upgrade the capabilities of an older system. And many recent systems include optical drives with limited capabilities, because the manufacturer wanted to save a few dollars. 163 more words


The Divide to Connect

It’s a lot more complicated than your parents refusing to buy you the new iPhone. The digital divide is when particular people, based on gender, race, educational attainment, income, and location prevent individuals from having access to a computer/smart phone or the internet. 383 more words

Digital Skills