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So much deaths! So much destructions! Are there any Reasons to Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving day was institutionalized by the pilgrims and puritans who immigrate from England to the USA in the 1620’s and 1630’s. They selected a special day to celebrate a harvest feast after a successful season of crop. 1,301 more words


Calculate difference between 2 date / times in Oracle SQL

select 24 * (to_date(‘2015-11-26 18:30’, ‘DD.MM.RRRR hh24:mi’)

             – to_date(‘2015-11-25 19:30’, ‘DD.MM.RRRR hh24:mi’)) diff_hours

       from dual;



Do While döngüsüne karşılık gelen plsql yazım şekli aşağıdaki gibidir.
   v_day:= v_day + 1;
   EXIT WHEN v_day = 7;

Enable Remote Access to Database Server

I have two servers for serve as website, as webserver and as database server. And then how to setup that. Both of servers run CentOS 6.7. 254 more words


State Your Intentions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for life to be perfect?  And what exactly would make life perfect?  Adam and Eve knew.  … 950 more words

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Graduation doesn't mean good bye

Are you graduating this semester? If so, then congratulations on what is a fantastic achievement and celebration of all your hard work.

But even though you might be leaving us shortly it doesn’t have to mean good bye.  163 more words

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Military charade

These anniversaries make me feel old!  Forty years ago today, 25 November 1975, the Sharp Inquiry into military training on Dartmoor opened in Exeter. I was still at university and skipped some lectures to take part—because what better training could I have for becoming a campaigner than participating in a public inquiry? 1,595 more words