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Review - FTK Advanced Live Online Training

A couple of weeks ago (when I was blogging about my mind being confused because I was working on New York Time), I did the FTK Advanced Live Online Training course. 129 more words

Digital Forensics

AccessData webinar on 21 August: Summation and FTK: streamline your eDiscovery and investigation needs

AccessData is producing a webinar on Friday 21 August at 10.00am Mountain Daylight Time with the title Summation and FTK: streamline your eDiscovery and investigation needs… 54 more words


EDiscovery leaders and career opportunities highlighted by US legal publications

Electronic Discovery / eDisclosure is a new discipline. It has passed the Wild West stage but it is still new enough and small enough that the contribution of its founding members can be recognised with the perspective of time. 1,400 more words


Speeding up police forensic investigations and reducing bail periods

AccessData has been working with the UK’s Royal Military Police Service Police Crime Bureau to speed up their forensic investigations. In addition to the obvious benefits in efficiency and reputation, there are pure cost gains. 1,123 more words



君はほかのサイトや書籍もブラウズ するがもしれませんが、弊社の関連の学習資料と比較してからJapanCertの商品の範囲が広くてまたネット上でダウンロードを発見してしまいました。JapanCertだけ全面と高品質の問題集があるのではJapanCertの専門家チームが彼らの長年のIT知識と豊富な経験で研究してしました。そして、JapanCertに多くの受験生の歓迎されます。

JapanCertを選ぶかどうか状況があれば、弊社の無料なサンプルをダウンロードしてから、決めても大丈夫です。こうして、弊社の商品はどのくらいあなたの力になるのはよく分かっています。JapanCertはAccessData A30-327認証試験を助けって通じての最良の選択で、100%のAccessData A30-327認証試験合格率のはJapanCert最高の保証でございます。君が選んだのはJapanCert、成功を選択したのに等しいです。


試験科目:AccessData 「AccessData Certified Examiner」 297 more words

Huron Legal hosts post-LegalTech discussion in London

Nigel Murray, managing director of Huron Legal in London, was the host this week of a discussion and dinner at the Cavalry and Guards club whose purpose was a roundup of LegalTech from a UK perspective. 1,486 more words