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ACEDS and AccessData webinar on 11 April: ensuring defensible preservation and collection

The US Federal Rule of Evidence 902 (14) allows a forensic investigator to confirm that electronic evidence is authentic without having to appear in person to testify to that effect. 117 more words


AccessData introduces Quin-C for forensic investigations

AccessData has been in the business of producing forensic investigation software for decades. Its latest development in digital investigation technology is called Quin-C which is designed to speed up data access, processing and analysis and to offer a customisable user interface to investigators of every skill level to help them conduct difficult investigations quickly. 64 more words


Evidence Acquisition Using Accessdata FTK Imager

by Chirath De Alwis

Forensic Toolkit or FTK is a computer forensics software product made by AccessData. This is a Windows based commercial product. For forensic investigations, the same development team has created a free version of the commercial product with fewer functionalities. 922 more words

Digital Forensics

Bruteforcing Linux Full Disk Encryption (LUKS) With Hashcat

by Patrick Bell

This walk-through will show you how to Bruteforce LUK volumes using hashcat, how you can mount a LUK partition, and how we can image it once it’s decrypted. 1,129 more words

Forensics 101

AccessData: a webinar, a conference, ACEDS affiliation and more

I generally stick to single subjects in these blog posts, but AccessData has been busy announcing things and it is convenient to combine them in a single post. 332 more words


Python Event Log Parser

Live Logon is a feature which allows the user to sign in to a Windows session using a Microsoft online account. The account can be a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc… but it will be tied to Microsoft if the user is going to use it for logging in. 329 more words


AccessData webinar on 19 December: how to identify, assess and eliminate risk with AD RTK

AccessData has for many years been a leader in the field of forensic software, designed to identify and retrieve information from all kinds of digital devices and resources. 193 more words