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Blind Yoga

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I have really been trying to work on me and take care of myself and making that a priority. 480 more words

Commentary: Is Blindness Really That Scary?

According to a recent survey, most Americans fear blindness. In fact, they fear it more than losing their hearing, speech, a limb or their memory. Nearly 88 percent of people surveyed considered having 20/20 vision vital to good overall health, while 47 percent believed that losing their sight would have the gravest effect on their daily lives. 473 more words

New Developments

Teaching with video has been important for a long time, but we have come a long way from wheeling a TV cart or projector into the classroom to the sound of cheers from students. 549 more words


Last week, I was blessed with one of the most touching gifts I’ve ever been given – an accessible van!!

It’s true that this vehicle will help me be able to return to work, but it means so much more to me than that… 371 more words


Let's Get Cooking with Recipes for Switch Control

In my last post I focused on Recipes, a feature of Switch Control for iOS devices that can help switch users more efficiently perform repetitive actions such as flipping the pages of a book. 471 more words


'One Step' away from beer, coffee and shopping

I’m not shy about the fact that I knew very little about Berlin before moving here. I found that it was a bit more exciting going into a new city with an open mind. 633 more words

Playing It By Ear!

Being a legally blind PC gamer, I have a choice of Text Based Games, Audio Games or the more typical, mainstream video games. I mention this choice as my mind has been drifting back towards gaming of late. 1,461 more words