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Proactive Day

Today is a good day. I’ve been struggling to find accessible employment in my community for sometime now. I’ve tried for sometime to get a hold of gov’t /agencies to help, to no avail. 85 more words


Inclusion For All! (Unless You're Disabled)

Yesterday, I went through a fascinating but painful experience on Twitter. A very popular activist posted an important piece of information about the women’s march, saying she wanted it to reach as many people as possible and encouraging people to share far and wide. 940 more words



Some rather stream of conscious thoughts on how a bad cripple like me attends events, badly.

You’re a bad cripple when you get to an event, like for work or a community meeting, and find the room set up in such a way that it seems only the very nimblest of able bodied people could safely move through it, if you say something like “hey this lack of a clear safe walk way doesn’t work for me and my shitty joints and my dizziness and my cane. 1,200 more words


Clear print guidelines

If you are interested in making document that are clear for people with reduced sight to read, have a look at the EBU’s new guidelines posted recently.


Accessibility for Movie Theaters in the 21st Century

The author of this article is Deaf and Hard of Hearing and so that is where we will start. Deaf and Hard of Hearing people have had a problematic experience with cinema since the beginning of the talkies; film with sound in the early 20th century. 734 more words

Launchpad: Autism, Disability and the Church

I have two sons with autism, and our experiences of church life have not always been straight-forward or even supportive. Inclusion for people with disabilities within the church is an issue that isn’t talked about as often as it should, and that silence leaves many families and individuals feeling like they’re on the outskirts of the faith, outsiders in the Kingdom of God. 401 more words


How can voice help us navigate a website?

How can voice help us navigate a website?

If you consider our ever aging population, and the significant and growing grey pound spend they have at their disposal, what can be done on your website to make it more user friendly for those who struggle with their sight? 414 more words