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Five Goofy Things Medium Did That Broke Accessibility

I love that the Medium Engineering team has written about some of its accessibility mishaps. It’s even better that they’ve fixed them, learned from the experience and shared it with the rest of the Web community. 47 more words


This Week in Teaching: Technology and Tight Schedules

This article is part of a series I’m writing in july/august that I’m calling ‘this week in teaching’, or ‘TWIT’, where I talk about teaching comp 102 in a 5 week summer session. 1,770 more words

Multimodal Learning

Disabled man not welcome to volunteer at Edmonton Fringe Festival after years of involvement

EDMONTON – A decision by Fringe Festival organizers to refuse to let a disabled man volunteer as a greeter fuelled a growing backlash against the popular organization Sunday. 784 more words




Accessibility is a very important principle of design and needs to be considered before even getting started. As I work in the government section I would also recommend getting familiar with the AODA guidelines which can be found at: 88 more words


When Celebrating Accessible Technology is Just Reinforcing Ableism

So this video has been popping up on my Facebook news feed a lot lately.

It’s a video demonstrating a wheelchair invented by Swiss students and it’s a wheelchair that can climb stairs. 729 more words


Edinburgh on Wheels!

We had decided that a weekend away in Edinburgh would be good for us all to do (Pete, me and the offspring) so I booked the hotel and we started looking forward to it. 1,055 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

2014 Statistics for MCS, FM, and CFS in Canada

The 2014 statistics for Canadians reporting a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or multiple chemical sensitivities, (by sex, household population aged 12 and older) are here: 476 more words

Environmental Health