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Revisiting the Quarry: Excavation, Legacy, Return. Approaches to the histories and sites of Land Art

As a great proof of the merits of  ‘follow your instincts’ and see what happens, I’ve now been invited to give a presentation – as part of a symposium at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 15 May 2014 – about the legal aspect of doing Land Art in abandoned quarries. 884 more words

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Uninhabited and En-habited spaces: thoughts on private law's public space

The following piece has been written as a teaser for my paper entitled “Old habits die hard: owners, liability anxiety and accidental territoriality” which I’ve been invited to present at an ESRC symposium at Warwick University later this month. 1,175 more words

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Entangled bodies: urban exploration, matter and meaning making

“Entanglement as a term aims to allow a materialism but

embedded within the social, the historical, the contingent.”

Hodder (2012: 96)

What does it mean to be embodied? 1,505 more words

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Souvenirs - George Haydock's short film on urban exploration

George made this atmospheric short piece as part of his documentary film making studies at the University of Salford. Amidst the striking ruin atmospherics the voices of a handful of explorers and academics hover, sketching out avenues of deeper analysis and debate. 42 more words

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Careful what you kick at – a short rant about anti-health & safety culture

Tuning into the 10 o’clock news last night to marvel at how a businessman could sell millions of pounds of bogus bomb detectors to strife torn countries around the world, I lingered through the weather and thus stumbled upon the first episode of Ben Elton’s new comedy, The Wright Way. 1,232 more words

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Art + Law / SLSA Slides: connecting mundane law, everyday aesthetics and objectification

Here are my slides from the 15 May 2013 Art + Law Symposium. In my presentation I tentatively explored the co-constitutive roles of the discursive, the affective and the material dimensions in the everyday ‘noticing’ of mundane elements of the built environment. 735 more words

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