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A Silk Lampas cap

I started looking at a lot of caps and my favorite was the combination of silk lampas and gold lace. I have found none of these in aristocratic portraits of adult women, so this cap is fabulously unsuited to go with, like, 95 percent of my 18th century wardrobe. 174 more words

18th Century

Wise Purchase / Achat judicieux

Lorsque je dois (ou veux) acheter plus d’un outils similaires, la plupart du temps je tends à acheter le modèle identique à celui que je possède déjà. 346 more words

My Own Tips / Mes Trucs

Making a plain silk 18th century cap

For some reason I really love 18th century regional caps. More than I actually love the white linen/cotton/silk caps. I blame childhood trauma caused by a truly ugly costume cap my sister owned but that’s a different story. 307 more words

18th Century

My PhoneCase Stash

Vandaag laat ik jullie mijn phonecase stash zien. Ik heb inmiddels al ongeveer 1,5 jaar de Samsung Galaxy s3 neo. In die 1,5 jaar heb ik ook heel wat telefoonhoesjes opgespaard. 97 more words


CNC frees - geleiders

Het cockpit Master Control Panel (voor de automatische piloot functies) is groter dan het bereik van de frees, dus moet dit in twee stappen worden gefreesd. 116 more words

CNC Router

562 - Ahoy Sassy Jane

Being at the beach and going for lunch or a drink at the beach restaurant  – dreaming of holiday in a very nice, warm country. 366 more words


Work Hard, Play Chic

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads and we are faced with certain challenges. For a fashionista, one of the biggest obstacles we will deal with involves two harmless words, but when put together our world can come crashing down. 378 more words