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Sunglasses to Wear with Suits

A good pair of sunglasses is one of the most useful accessories a man can own, and the right pair can be an amazing addition to an outfit.  312 more words


Dressing for work 

Even though it’s Canada day, dressing up for work is actually kind of nice. All you have to do is find out the dress code, covered shoulders, length of skirts etc… … 82 more words


Barmouth: Best Place To Be... Beside The Seaside!

How hot is today? Scorching! The weather geniuses reckon today’s the hottest British Summer Time day for 9 years!  Jericho and I have been inside, fans on full blast, because outside, you just can’t turn the heating off!  710 more words


#WCW: Jaimee of i-catching eyewear [and a giveaway!]

Jaimee came into my life in college through Phi Sigma Sigma and I’m so glad we have stayed in touch since graduation. She was there with me through a lot of laughs and a lot of tears- sometimes a combination of both, like the night at the end of my senior year when it was all fun and games until she walked me into a bathroom door on piggyback and I graduated with a swollen knee, cut, and bruise the color of Frankenstein’s creation. 454 more words


Trunkmonkey حامل للدراجه يناسب جميع السيارات 

اختراع حلو لاصحاب الدراجات الهوائية

حامل للدراجه من الخام او النايلون يتم تفخه بجهاز التفخ المتوفر معاه اللي يشتغل بولاعه السياره

تتفخه وقت تركيبك للدراجه عالسياره وممكن بعد الاستخدام تفرغ منه الهوا وتخزنه بدبه السيارة ويتم تثبيته بحزام من النايلون عالسياره


Besom @ Mix

Starting July 1st, a new shopping event will hit the grid! So get ready…

Mix, held monthly, will feature up to 100 of SL’s favorite designers and brands offering specials at their main store. 151 more words