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10 Cool 'Gotta-Have-Them' Accessories for Tweens Back to School

Accessories are essential for every girl, especially when it’s time to go BACK TO SCHOOL or even dressing up school uniforms! Here I have handpicked a few of my favorite items for Back to School, from HEAD to toesies! 313 more words


Big 2-3!

Let’s be honest, 23 isn’t a very exciting year… But I will say it’s better than 17 or 19 😉

This year, is the first birthday I spent at work- a “real paying job.” Not an internship, not a part-time, retail gig, but a job that I truly enjoy. 123 more words


My First NYC Sample Sale - Tory Burch

I like to shop as much as the next woman. Probably more. But the places I’ve lived over my lifetime (Ohio and Arizona) aren’t exactly known as fashion meccas of the world. 1,272 more words



By: Shazia Jassat

(Instagram: @shaziajassat)

My last one of these was about Willa Belle Ong (Pale Division). I was obsessed with every outfit she wore, but she has now (since I’ve last checked) embarked on a ‘classy glam’ style path which unfortunately isn’t what i truly love. 91 more words


Monday Must-Have

HAPPY MONDAY, bloggers! Today was beautiful, despite it being Monday, but the weather in Columbus was phenomenal- toasty, bits of clouds here and there and sparacticly beautiful rays of sun. 111 more words


Just a random glam pic of a gorgeous day spent in the sun!