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Giving Life to New Ideas

A couple of months ago I had an idea to add another handmade product to my store. I’m a big fan of bags (like massive obsessed don’t know how many I own anymore fan) and each day I carry to work one of my fabulous handbags plus a canvas tote bag which holds all of the overspill (umbrella, water bottle, snacks, shoes, laptop). 185 more words


Tess & Tricia

Mother and daughter duo, Tess & Tricia sell ethically crafted natural stone jewellery. The gorgeous pieces are made in America by women who have been affected by addiction, abuse and homelessness, and are in the process of rebuilding their lives. 31 more words


Krazy About Kimonos 

Happy Tuesday, readers! Ok, it has been entirely too long since my last post — no excuses & I hate it. On the sunny side, it seems as though spring is here & it’s here to stay! 156 more words


Your mobile phone will soon detect body odour with #NOSE from #Nivea

Our phones can do many things and there is plenty more great ideas to come be it via an add on piece of kit or built in tech there some really neat ideas out there and today we learn of something new from Nivea,This is simply a cover for your mobile but can detect body odour levels if you are curious if you stink.. 96 more words


Kaptivo جهاز يحول السبورة العاديه الى سبورة ذكية 

كابتيڤو جهاز ذكي يحول اي سبوره بيضا الي سبورة ذكيه

تركيبه سهل عالسبوره يتثبت

ويصور كل الشرح اللي ينكتب عالسبوره

ممكن ينتقل الشرح بالواي فاي الى ايفونك او كمبيوترك وتتابع الدكتور واهو يشرح حتى لو كنت بديره ثانيه