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The Princess, The Tomboy and The Slut

For my 32nd birthday this year, Taylor gave me a book. It’s a special kind of book, in that over 600 women of all different shapes, sizes, religions, ages, locations, etc., contributed to it. 2,061 more words


Making a Statement

There are a few different ways to make statements within fashion. Most of the time they come from some type of accessory. It can be a belt, a pair of shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. 293 more words


Go Lightly On a Stylish Wardrobe

In this day of Tiny Houses and Small Space living it gave me pause to think about a wardrobe that meets the needs but remains all you need.  848 more words


Be a Bold Beauty

We’re perfectly happy lounging around in a khaki onesie when across the store comes a siren call from THE DRESS. Outrageously bold and totally not ‘us’. 145 more words

Holiday Fashion

Ahh… Thanksgiving- that majestic time of the year where everyone wants to look their best. If you are anything like me, or I guess I should say anyone in my family you strive to wear your best outfit. 494 more words

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Holbert Blog - Accessorizing Computers

What Comes Out of the Box is a Really Just a Starter Kit

Yesterday, we spent about three hours trying to convince a client of ours that brand new computers just don’t come equipped with the all things that most computers need in a PC. 132 more words

That Look (Your Wardrobe)

I’m a little bit nervous to write about this topic.

Mostly because I think that fashion is a personal choice. However, I am also terrified at the prospect of being overwhelmed with the paper cuts of the world, AKA all of the little trappings that go with life, and so I’m constantly thinking about ways to limit the amount of stupid minutia I spend my personal time on. 629 more words

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