Jewel of the day: Cadar Sole, Solo and Prime Bangle Bracelets

I think if you love bangle bracelets, you really love them. The movement and noise would probably drive me a little bonkers, but I know this is a staple item for a lot of women. 58 more words


rEvolve Strap Promises Comfort; Convenience

The accessories keep on coming, with the latest being the “rEvolve” Vive Headset Strap created by SynergyWiz. It addresses two of the Vive’s shortcomings in one snap-on component, and has already reached its crowdfunding target. 189 more words

VR Experience

Blow your nose in style


Bless you, honey, and let me explain to you why you want to ditch your tissues for something old-fashioned.

Gesundheit, Liebes. Während du dir die Nase putzt, lass mich dir erzählen, warum ein Stofftaschentuch dein treuer Begleiter werden möchte. 612 more words


Cooler Master ErgoStand III

Cooler Master ErgoStand III

My first portable PC was a hunk of garbage that had around 20 minutes of battery life, took around 4 minutes to boot to a usable Windows 95 desktop, and would presumably give you severely charred areas on the off chance that you really set it on your lap. 172 more words


Jewel of the day: Kataoka Diamond Triplet Necklace

Here is something very dainty and precious at the same time: a three diamond pendant from Kataoka. Sold by Ylang23, the pendant features two baguette diamonds and one round cut on a 17.5 inch gold chain (described by the site as beige gold … that’s a new one on me.) These are very petite but I love the idea of having the diamonds to play with. 128 more words


Time To Get A Watch

While checking your phone can be the 21st Century thing to do to find out the time, the presence of a classic timepiece creates a new feeling and style to telling the time. 83 more words