Jewel of the day: Kate Spade Do the Twist Bangle Bracelet

Sometimes, you just want something a little bit fun and unexpected and this bracelet by Kate Spade has a twist – literally. The thin bangle (you know you would want more than one) has a literal twist in the metal. 33 more words


The creator of Android just teased a weird new accessory for his top-secret phone

Essential, the new startup from Android creator Andy Rubin, has teased its upcoming smartphone for the second time. The shadowy photo, which the company tweeted Thursday, appears to show some sort of attachment at the top of the device. 39 more words

Neon Genesis Evangelion NERV Watch

It’s always good to have a watch on you ‘cuz, you know, you never know when the angels will come without one.

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Jewel of the day: Brilliant Earth Olive Branch Bracelet

Peace is always the right sentiment and the olive branch is a centuries old symbol. This would make a lovely gift, and can be worn in a stack with other pieces if that is your preference. 13 more words