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NewAnimeThursday: 1 Year of Doing Stuff

So it’s been a year already…kind of, the actual anniversary of when I started NewAnimeThursday is the 22nd of July, but this is closer to 50,000 views, and I feel like doing it now. 499 more words


Acchi Kocchi 11-12/Final Review: If you like-like me, then I might like-like you a lot

In an attempt to make the most out of the last episodes of Acchi Kocchi, I held off on episode 11 and waited until I had episode 12 to feign an hour-long series finale. 532 more words

Spring 2012

Acchi Kocchi 10: Mayoi is Pedobear...I'm not surprised

That one shot in the opening sequence finally makes sense…and I couldn’t be more unsurprised. I doubt there’s ever been a romantic comedy daring enough to turn one of the main characters in a pedobear…and then another into an abducting homeless man. 202 more words

Spring 2012

Acchi Kocchi 9: There Will Be Blood

An estimated 19 liters of human blood was cleaned up after the Nekoge High School festival earlier today, where students, Io Otonashi and Sakaki Inui, were said to be serving crepes with the help of Tsumiki Miniwa, Hime Haruno, and Mayoi Katase. 265 more words

Spring 2012

Acchi Kocchi 8: Io...he's just...TOO PERFECT!!!

Damn him and his unbelievable levels of perfection, every other male on the planet now looks lame and inadequate in comparison to this Adonis, surely he’s a god amongst men. 147 more words

Spring 2012

Acchi Kocchi 7: Io! His Gentleman Level is OVER 9000!!

Tsumiki sees Io’s true level of romantic action as he leaps from a speeding train to keep her company on the platform as their friends continue on the group trip to a creekside cabin. 290 more words

Spring 2012

Acchi Kocchi 6: Spring (and to more relevant extent, Love) is in the Air

In freshly pressed uniforms, Tsumiki and friends make it to warmer weather and more varied activities at school, like cleaning the pool and studying for final exams. 132 more words

Spring 2012