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What a disappointment

While this recipe’s photos aren’t that awful, I was kind of hoping that there’d be one of those NSFW eBay-like “accidentally nude reflections” in the teapot, therefore I am slightly crushed.

Vintage Food

Naked In Public: The Roommate Edition

I’m living with a biologist named Meredith*. She recently moved in, as always when one acquires a roommate there is a bit of apprehension. Will we have interests in common? 472 more words


I Heart Swimming

Yes, it might have slowed Londoners down slightly – or at least made them incorporate a bit more movement into their daily commute – but I am grateful to the tube strike. 521 more words

The New Swimsuit, Chapter 2d

Two other couples join us by the pool. Little did we know that they had history with one another, and that history wasn’t a good one 4,062 more words


Unintentional nudity

Like the title suggests, I wasn’t planning to expose myself yesterday. Honestly, I am a mother now and am beyond such immaturities as streaking. But it seems that the gods, or whoever you believe in were out to make a mockery of me. 506 more words