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Saving an Interview and Landing a Job

With an Interview Presentation This Could Happen to You!

Joe, a senior salesperson for a digital machine company, was contacted by an executive recruiter about a position at another digital machine company. 442 more words

Are You Using a Success Story to Win Your Interview?

Our Stories Define Who We Are

Our stories define who we are. Our sense of identity is forged by the stories we tell ourselves and share with others. 312 more words

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Telling Winning Stories Wins Interviews

Stories are the fundamental form of human communication. For the vast majority of human existence before the advent of the written word, stories were the sole way of communicating knowledge from one generation to another. 415 more words

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Answer Every Question Perfectly to Interview Your Best

There are literally thousands of possible interview questions. How do you prepare for them all? You can buy a book entitled something like “The 250 (or 500 or 700) Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions”, study the answers and pray that you get asked one of the questions you studied. 435 more words

Be Like a Laser to Interview Your Best

Many people are very proud of all the tasks they perform(ed) at work. When I do job transition workshops, attendees talk about wearing multiple hats, doing  tasks outside their job description, and being of value in many ways to their company.  365 more words

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Differentiate Yourself From the Other Stars to Interview Your Best

You are a star in a very dense universe. What does this have to do with interviewing? Everything! Most candidates don’t think about how they are perceived in the bigger world or how they compare to hundreds of competitors. 378 more words