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Yahoo and Hallelujah - I Finally Accomplished Something

All the seasoned internet marketers will already know how to do what I am about to post. It has taken me at least 2 hours of continuous time to accomplish getting an Amazon Affiliate link posted here to my free WordPress site. 147 more words


That time I visited 30 countries before I turned 30 years old.

About six years ago I decided I would visit 30 countries before I was 30 years old. This obsessive goal of mine that ended up defining and directing my early twenties originally had more modest origins.   573 more words


My brief view on Memorial Day 2015

Hi again. The only thing that I am going to do today is say, “Thank you,” to all of the military personnel for their services. As I am thinking about this, I have heard people say, “Happy Memorial Day,” during this time of the year throughout my life. 244 more words


Made it!

Even though those who followed this know I made it to the beach last Saturday, I have yet to do a recap of the ride.  This is due to the following… 1,558 more words


Self Love

End of another school year! Almost. I’ve got about 4 more weeks of proper work, then I’m off for the summer, either teaching in China, or spending time in Hong Kong making my elderly grandmother comfortable…or both? 380 more words

Other Things

I'll Just Keep to Myself

I’m doing something that I have to do.  What is that?  I’m going to completely isolate myself Sunday and Monday.  That means not doing anything social at all.  215 more words


5 Stages of Graduation

So you have most likely heard of the 7 stages of grief…but have you heard of the 5 stages of graduation? If you have ever graduated from high school or higher education…especially college… then chances are you’ve experienced each of these (emotional) stages. 420 more words