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Little Fish, Big Waves 

Warning: this post is going to contain excessive mommy bragging.

I love to talk about my child to anyone and everyone who will listen. I’m a mother, it’s what we do, right? 343 more words


And so it begins...

I did it! I am now the owner of a rolling version of a tiny house. Well, me and the credit union :) And yes, I drove it, adrenaline inducing event that was. 725 more words


Local Youth Bowlers Roll First 300's

Two GRAUSBC Youth bowlers recently rolled their first 300’s, both in the Ann St. Hilaire Tournament. Dustin Roberts rolled his 300 on November 2, 2014 at Lee-Hi Lanes and Sebastian Wilson rolled his 300 on March 2, 2015, also at Lee-Hi Lanes. 8 more words


Month in Review: February

Like most blogs I’ve read in the past two days, bloggers are glad February is over. I am, too. I’m tired of the cruelty of winter. 670 more words


Is It Just 'Cause I'm Wearing Black, or Do I Look a Little Thinner to You?!

I just arrived home from picking up my medicine tonight at Wal-Mart and still had on my work uniform (minus my apron and hat), which is all black; I looked down at myself (not in the mirror just looked down at myself) and asked Mom (who was just a room a way) the title of this entry. 241 more words

Small Feats

Today I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations when I heard the term “Get it Done”.  I usually use a more inappropriate variation of the same term but it all means the same thing.   414 more words


It's Been a Minute

I’ve been MIA.  I’m sorry.  Sorta.  Not really at all.

Well no, I take that back.  I actually am sorry because I really enjoy getting onto this blog and just typing my heart away about nonsense.   762 more words