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Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government

A review by David Martin

Late in 2012 two notable books were published that deal with the outcome of World War II and the Cold War.  5,128 more words


This Is What 'Honoring The Oath' Means

I took an oath many years ago to protect the Constitution.  That oath is one reason why I do what I do here. I took an oath when I married my wife and even though we have had hard times, I still honor that oath. 370 more words


Gun Crazies Of Note

There are several examples of Presidents that are completely opposed to King Soetero’s Marxist dedication to the elimination through any means of the Second Amendment. 228 more words


B'Man's Hypocrite Watch: Background Checks

Can We Say Hypocrisy?

h/t DCDave

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Did I rub you the wrong way or stroke you just right? Let me know below in the comments section or Email me at buelahman {AT} g m a i l {DOT} com… 180 more words


Why Do So Many People Hate Jews? Part 1: Jew Money


The question really is:

Do people hate jews — or do they hate what jews do? Can you separate the two? 555 more words


What's The Real Agenda Regarding Sandy Hook?

I wrote the following to friends in an email and thought I’d also ask readers here what they think about my “gut feeling”:

Whenever I get these nagging “gut feelings” I know that my intuition is about to reveal something of truth.

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Oh israel

Another of Digger’s Ditties. As I explained to him, the words are powerful enough that added graphic pictures of dead Palestinian children and israel’s attacks against Gaza aren’t needed. 612 more words