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Claire Wright reaches her £10,000 crowdfunding target

Though Owl is sure she would be grateful for more – she doesn’t have big donors or battle buses to call on – just ordinary people. 37 more words



I have always been taught when you

break things that aren’t yours

fix them.

If you can’t fix them

replace them.

If they’re irreplaceable

cook them dinner. 14 more words


Technology, possibly

I wrote a long post and instead of publishing it appears to have vanished into the ether. I got some clarity from the process anyway so I guess I’ll focus on that silver lining rather than the frustrating &$@ cloud. 9 more words


Parasite-perfect: paradoxically altruistic terrorism

paradoxically altruistic terrorism

by Counter Bias

When Satan spawned the Jews,
he wondered what greatest gift he
could possibly bestow upon them –
and he invented Wahhabi Islam… … 817 more words



I’ve realised—I’ve been saying for long enough that I don’t explain—I use theory so much and to explain negates that.  There need to be instances where I can explain if I think that would be useful—I’m talking about not being bound in, necessarily, by rules—not as a way to give myself power—but as a way of starting to understand the world for myself. 45 more words

Health service underfund: nothing to do with patients, everything to do with politicians

All the more reason to vote for Claire Wright and not Hugo Swire, who voted for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 that created the money-gobbling, privatising internal market (though Blair started PFI as a way of cooking the Treasury’s books). 220 more words


Fear is deadly.

He made me laugh. He was attentive. He was cute. He was caring. He listened. Even before knowing everything, he was quick to say stop being unhappy. 1,099 more words