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... the VA needs a Change in Philosophy ...

.. the VA medical system is a single – payer system . The government operates it . Unfortunately , it is unionized . It should not be . 82 more words

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5 Reasons it's Important to Have a Supporting Cast

Getting Back on My Feet

It’s been nine weeks since I had knee surgery, and five weeks since I began physical therapy.  The journey to full recovery has been a slow, natural progression – one that leaves me amazed each day at the body’s ability to heal. 1,231 more words

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Everyone doesn't have to be a superstar

Everyone on your staff doesn’t have to be a superstar.

Successful teams need some role players.

Put someone in a superstar role who lacks superstar talent or superstar preparation, now that is a problem. 137 more words

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Follow the money part 3: EU science funding

The Govt. is running a Relationship between EU membership and UK science inquiry. A group called Scientists for Britain has submitted written evidence, introduced as follows: 467 more words

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NY Times: 8 Experts Censure Moskowitz SA Methods

The New York Times asked eight education experts to review and evaluate the video of a teacher at Success Academy charter school humiliating/chastising a first-grade child. 49 more words


Because of You


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This rather abstract photo with its completely abstract title - is it an accusation or an expression of love? - by the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest in America evokes much thought and feeling from me... as those of her expressive photographic oeuvre so often do. Because of you - the collective you, surely (which then surely means me, as well as you), reminds me (and hopefully you, as well) that we all are accountable for the resources that we expend upon ourselves and those in our charge; and that it is the essence of Mother Nature to provide for us, regardless how often - and all too often how thoughtlessly without regard - we shorn from her all that she willingly and effortlessly does provide.

Surviving Pączki Day (And Other Temptations)

I absolutely love Pączki Day.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a day where these amazing Polish pastries are eaten the Tuesday before Lent.  Traditionally they’re made to use up the ingredients that are usually given up – ingredients like flour, sugar, alcohol, and lard (yum). 436 more words

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