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Don't be a Jezebel! (1 Kings 21:25)

(There has never been anyone like Ahab, who was firmly
committed to doing evil before the Lord, urged on by his
wife Jezebel…) 1 Kings 21:25…

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Politico: Michigan is a Horrible Model for U.S. Education

Caitlin Emma, Benjamin Wermund, and Kimberly Hefling, staff writers at politico.com, took a close look at Michigan and answered the question, what hath Betsy DeVos’s obsession with choice done to the schools of Michigan? 306 more words

Charter Schools

Devolution for Dummies

Owl THINKS these are the current choices:

Heart of the South West LEP – except Exeter, East Devon and Exeter are refusing to play. Does not include an elected mayor at present. 161 more words


Andre Perry: Reformers Should Not Criticize Trump When They Support His Policies

Andre Perry was one of the earliest charter school leaders in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and one of the few leaders of color. He became disillusioned with some parts of the reforms, especially the marginalization of local community voices. 413 more words

Education Reform

Torbay wants in to the "Golden Triangle" ( let's hope it isn't a Bermuda Triangle!)

“A ‘GOLDEN Triangle’ of local authorities could lead South Devon to a new and prosperous future with government investment running into hundreds of millions of pounds. 541 more words


Do You Have "Extreme Fixer Syndrome"?

Are you a fixer? Are you one of the folks who has never met a problem that didn’t make you salivate at the thought of solving it? 970 more words

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