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Mobile Film Screenings: A Wide-Reaching Tool for Civic Outreach

By: Meghan Schneider, Accountability Lab Summer Design Resident

Earlier this year students at the Liberia Film Institute (LFI) created a series of documentaries and dramas about the Ebola epidemic that ravaged Liberia. 504 more words




As a young man the need to prove myself as an individual, with my own thoughts and desires was strong. I grew up in a house where decisions were mandated by a working mother, I was left to my own resources by a father who worked long hours, and was basically raised by a grandfather. 351 more words

Dick Powell

She Was Grace Before We Knew She Existed

This was me, a year ago yesterday. I was supposed to be on bed rest but decided to take my son to his little friend’s second birthday party. 322 more words

21 Day Fix

On Cause Comparison and Cecil the Lion

I mostly haven’t chimed in on this issue online, but it’s starting to really get to me, so I need to say something about it. 627 more words


5x5 The Foundation of Strength

Morning Guys,

5×5 is a tried and tested method of building strength and muscle, but it only works for so long (3 months as a beginners, maybe 1-2 months as an intermediate lifter) before you will hit a plateau. 448 more words


Day 6 - Of weekends and willpower

I ate out three times in three days this weekend, and I’d like to say that it went well, but it didn’t.

In fairness, the first meal at Wahaca was okay: lots of salad, vegetables, avocado, etc. 349 more words


Commitment- Investment in Their Growth!

#SucceedingWithoutBleedingSeries #WorkplaceSurvival #YourBusinessAndYourSpouse

Still on #BusinessAndSpouse this morning
So you are saying, but I excluded my spouse in my business because:

She is / feels inadequate to help make major business decisions; She has no training in business; She has no experience in running a company; She/he couldn’t be bothered. 253 more words