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Psalm 141 - Wicked Delicacies

What wicked delicacies of the world are we drawn to?  And do we welcome the blow from a righteous friend who is helping us stay away from sin? 575 more words

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Praise be to Blair: money wise

Now is the time for Welsh Government to commit DfES, and for our local authorities to commit themselves and the regional consortia, to spending up to 10% of their budget on evaluation. 1,160 more words

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Accrual accounting in the public sector is not about numbers

One feels privileged to be part of paradigm shift that impacts nations and industries, and we feel this way about the accrual accounting adoption by Central Governments and Public Sector entities. 646 more words

Turkey shoots down a Russian warplane , claiming violation of air space, Putin calls it "a stab in the back not only to Russia, but the whole Western alliance and NATO,"



Two-Faced Turkey: ‘Stab in the Back’ Strikes NATO, Anti-ISIL Forces

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By shooting down the Russian jet in Syria, Turkey has not only hurt Russia with its “stab in the back”, but the whole Western alliance and NATO; its policy in Syria is largely “two-faced”, as it allows the supply of weaponry and ammunition through its territory, according to Jurgen Rose, a retired German lieutenant colonel. 674 more words

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Time to see how I’m doing with my self-imposed challenge!!

Two weeks ago, I said I would try to write 30 blogs in 30 days. A tall order considering all the hats I wear and projects on my plate! 296 more words


Farewell, No Child Left Behind?

As we have reported, after a lengthy stalemate, a bipartisan team of congressional negotiators has agreed to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The law, currently known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), sends roughly $14 billion a year in federal assistance to public schools serving low-income students. 245 more words

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Conservative Think Tank: Eva's Schools Are a Progressive Ideal

A reader sent this link to a speech about Eva Moskowitz’s charter schools, delivered at the Manhattan Institute, which is New York’s premier conservative think tank. 333 more words

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