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Performance Matching

Performance matching is a common phenomena within the workplace.  It consists of group work and/or area work resulting in a consistent outcome pulled lower by the poorest performer.   83 more words


Being poor does not make you violent

I am fed up with hearing the liberal commentators excuse the black riots in Baltimore as being from poor black neighborhoods. Being poor does not make you violent. 905 more words


Learning About Race From My Son

Those who have read Eduflack over the years know that my kiddos are an essential part of my life. And they know that my children are adopted from Guatemala, and that the edu-family is quite proud of that. 369 more words


Voting May 2015: Why I'm not...

So, I have made the decision not to vote in the General Election in May 2015, but many people cannot understand why. Therefore, I have posted my responses to common questions asked by others. 747 more words


As EPOA attempts a "forensic audit” of Eureka’s books; now the City demands substantial cuts in Police Dept???

Well we warned you, but we’re not happy to be right. In the case of Eureka’s squandering of the City budget and Measure O/Q funds, we took a lot of grief for our predictions. 633 more words

City Council

Lapel Cameras for Santa Cruz County Sheriffs?

Last Friday the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs office began a trial period of testing wearable cameras while on duty. Commonly referred to as “lapel cameras” or “body cams,” these little devices are attached to the front of an officer’s uniform and record everything they do. 336 more words


Clear Cultural Norms

You say you want a learning culture, but how do you describe it?   What are its characteristics? What are the expected behaviours? To sustain a learning culture the people in your organization need to know what it looks like. 605 more words

Learning Culture