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Claire Wright's information on Health Scrutiny Committee meeting on Tuesday

“The Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee will decide whether to refer a decision to close 72 community hospital beds in Eastern Devon, on Tuesday (25 July), to the Secretary of State for Health. 224 more words


How low does a party have to sink before you stop voting for it?

Regardless of political differences, there is one thing that usually guarantees consensus from both political parties and the general public – the importance of protecting vulnerable children. 73 more words


Accountability: Week One

The RUN:

  • 1.15 miles
  • 17:25 min
  • 15’06” pace
  • 142 bpm heart-rate


  • 1,255 Words: RP
  • 0 Words: Personal Projects

Excellence, Not Perfection

If your focus is on perfection, in yourself or others, you will live in constant frustration, defeat, sorrow or insanity. The only perfect One is God, the Holy Trinity. 239 more words


Tight vs. loose: Politics and mysticism

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday, I lived my life the whole day the way I’ve always said one should, consistent with The Way of Peace… 688 more words


Telegraph: "Farmers will be paid to make the countryside look beautiful after Brexit says Michael Gove"

Farmers would receive payments for delivering services such as storing carbon, managing water quality, connecting habitats, reducing flood risk or protecting famous beauty spots and important landscapes… 40 more words


Can anyone make sense of remarks below?

“Devon and Cornwall police officer numbers have dropped below 3,000, according to new figures released in an apparent attempt by the Government to bury bad news. 388 more words