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Before bedtime the author wanted to remind the reader (if any) that tomorrow has already appeared in the providence of Jehovah; in fact, each day of every life since the garden has been experienced in the realm of time that is not easily understood, yet, contained within the mind—as eternity resides therein. 51 more words

Don't Judge Me

Back when I was twenty-four I did some things that led to me being ex-communicated from everyone I knew as close friends and family. It was a very confusing and painful time. 877 more words


Problem Question: Reforming the social contract to make government accountable

After many years of being a Cabinet Minister in one of the most uninspiring and stagnant governments in Australian history, Tony, a devout Catholic, is crestfallen when his ideological mentor and walking pair of eyebrows John suffers a heavy defeat in the 2007 election. 6,004 more words

Food For Thought

The nonsensical war on cannabis

We need more politicians standing up for the people they supposedly represent. Social media gives voters the ability to engage with politics. This is a serious threat to the good old boys and a life line for the planet. 133 more words


Knowing when to hit restart

This past weekend I was struggling with an internal decision. I had technically just finished BBG Week 3 but had only done one workout. So I was trying to decide if I should move onto Week 4 or hit restart and go back to the beginning. 451 more words



The primary reason I go to a class (yoga, art, etc.) is because I enjoy having the course of action laid out for me. I don’t necessarily have to think, come up with answers, or make critical decisions like I do in my day job. 141 more words


Weekly Word Count #3

Did I do it? Did I write the thing? I know you’re holding your breath with excitement. Or, that could be because of the kitten parade that just stomped by. 76 more words