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I'm the meanest person you have ever met

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We went to a seminar at Texas A&M; at the Riverside campus; at the world renown Bee Lab; and there was a very important question in our session as we were running short of time. 233 more words


Friday's Final Thought (Accountability)

Strong word and message for sure, so I ask everyone to spend time taking into account of who you really are and to be real as possible with yourself. 53 more words


Try to remain HAPPY cause that’s a good emotion.

That will keep your HEART shining like the sun over the ocean.

It’s nothing wrong with HOPING, as long as you strive. 11 more words

Who Are You

Who are you? You think you know yourself? Serious questions you need to find the answers to. It took some serious soul searching for me to understand and believe in myself. 80 more words

Take Ownership

One can never truly own up to something they have done until they own who they are. I love this message because once you’re in tune with you then being held accountable for yourself and your actions has a meaning to your life. 7 more words


Once you take into account of who you are and you’re happy then own it. Be you at all times!

What is Modern, 21st Century Policing?

Modern, 21st century policing is CONSTITUTIONAL; that is, police protect the civil rights guaranteed by our Constitution and especially its Bill of Rights, with particular attention to the 1st and 4th Amendments… 824 more words