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From baby steps to big girl panties.....

Today, after weeks of melancholy….(Don’t  you love that word?  It so adequately fits the definition of, well, melancholy.  To be “soberly thoughtful, pensive”) or as my dear friend of 34 years says a bad case of the “can’t help-it’s and the mully-grubs” I took a big step forward and registered my blog domain.  235 more words


Habits of Holiness: Obedience

“…blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:28(b))

The bible is filled with God’s call for obedience from his children. 299 more words


What does it mean to live an authentic life?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, one definition of authenticity in existential philosophy is “relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive and responsible mode of human life”. 232 more words

Authentic Living

If my wife says it's good, then it's good!

And that’s not me being flippant!

She has an uncanny knack for seeing through the ‘noise’ of life to notice what’s of value or not. 179 more words


Twin Flames: The trifecta of Union Mastery

The dismantlement is over. Mastery has arrived. I never imagined that feeling this good in Union was even possible. Honestly.

Until now it has been a gut-wrenching, claw-scratching, heart-bleeding journey through the portal of hell and up from the dark abyss. 519 more words

Twin Flames

Re-assessing & re-working

I started this blog last year as a way to get my health back on track. Though I haven’t done the best job about blogging and meticulously chronicling every single workout and the types of nutrition choices I’m making, I feel like I’ve made some huge strides in the last year. 452 more words