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“Why is it so hard to keep it up?”

Ever hear the term, “A new broom always sweeps clean?” People always put their best foot forward up until a certain point. 467 more words


“As iron sharpens iron, as a friend sharpens a friend”

-Proverbs 27:17

You know, I have noticed I do not do as well when I don’t have to answer to anyone. 121 more words


Sneezy - Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs {10.21.16}

I don’t know about you but when I sneeze, I sneeze. No hiding it. It’s loud. And, it usually takes me a while to work up to a sneeze. 699 more words


A semi-moderate ramble...

I’ve a question. How far do we have to go before we’ve gone too far? I know, ‘be a bit more specific’. Okay, so here’s my current conundrum. 960 more words

The Art of setting Boundaries.



“a limit of a subject or sphere of activity”

Setting boundaries is extremely important. Sometimes it is difficult to say no to people depending on what is asked. 802 more words

God's Very Own


It’s easy to start an idea. We do it all of the time. We start books, we start conversations, we start taking our lives seriously, we even start retirement accounts. 63 more words

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

They say that breaking up is hard to do. Neil Sedaka even sang a song with that title that I cannot help but mentally sing as I write this post. 482 more words