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Investing and life has us confronting many choices.  Some are simple, some complicated, some we prefer not to make and some go against our impulses.  Many times, the choices are not made because we do not know we have choices.  247 more words

Different methods of fraud - part 3

Different methods of fraud

This is the last part in a three part series on fraud.
The methods we will be covering have been brought to our attention by our clients and not by the national press. 751 more words

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5 Reasons To Hire a Xero Accountant in Auckland

At times business owners’ fails to keep check on the most pivotal part of the business like accounts. Basically owing to the busy schedule or due to the lack of experience most of the business owners are not able to maintain a good and prolific account. 513 more words


How to Deal with "Debbie" - A Lesson in Optimism

You know these people: the ones that seemingly always have a cloud over their heads; they look at everything with a glass-half-empty perspective; they are chronic complainers known to rarely have a nice thing to say about anything.   380 more words

Warren Buffett’s Portfolio

There is a mystique about Warren Buffett and rightly so.  He is undoubtedly the most successful investor of all time, an icon, legend and even a brand.  366 more words

Secret VAT rule used against new traders

‘HMRC has changed its interpretation of a key VAT rule so that newly registered businesses are being denied VAT Refunds.

What’s more HMRC hasn’t publically announced this change in practice, so tax advisers and taxpayers have been potentially over-claiming input VAT on new VAT registrations. 571 more words