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Making Accountants Digital: Nomoshobo

On 15th March 2017, I was invited to Murray Pullin’s Making Accountants Digital event at the TecHub Swansea, where I witnessed the first demo of his new invoicing app, Nomoshobo ( 564 more words


Shortage of Accountants!

Most of this blog’s readers know that I am an Accountant. Trained in school as one, practiced as a CPA, and willing to proudly explain, at the drop of a hat or visor, the difference between finance people and accountants (which ranges from golf skills to dealing with details). 286 more words

Helping People In Problems Related To Tax Beenleigh

All the people of the world find it difficult when it comes to tax payment for the financial year. There are many companies who help people in finding the right amount of tax which they have to pay for the financial year. 251 more words


The Push for Inbox0

People download the Expensify app for all kinds of reasons: accountants looking for a better (read: less shoebox-shaped) way to collect receipts from clients, employees sick of submitting taped receipts to their boss, and even individuals who just want an easy way to track how often they’re eating Taco Bell (me; too often). 466 more words

Product Info

Personal Guarantees

I am far from certain if any reader of AccountingWeb can explain to me where money comes from.

Positive Money’s explanation, supported by many leading economists is, therefore, attractive to my very simple mind. 462 more words


Behaviours of RBS GRG and Lloyds Banking Group

Judge Beddoes ratio decidendi in the Turner case with Lloyds Banking Group encapsulates the issue facing victims of both banks’.

The banks’ have no idea how their persistent denials, obfuscation and blatant lying to the Courts impacts on the victims, taxpayers, employees and wider community lives. 751 more words


What HMRC Know About You !

Don’t worry we’ll make sure you don’t get into trouble!

You may or may not know that…

HMRChave significantly increased the number of tax investigations they carry out. 959 more words

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