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I’ve been working on some educational emails about cash flow over the past few days and it highlighted to me that if you don’t have an accounting system, things like staying on top of your cash flow are just so much harder.

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A World Without DCAA hits SBIR Phase One

Here are some of the requirements from the Department of Homeland Security’s latest SBIR  RFPs

“Additional deliverables in this phase include the following (templates to be provided later by the federal Program Manager): 202 more words

Accounting System

Payroll accounting- Sometimes going conventional is better

Outsourced payroll accounting offers loads of various advantages– for the client, the workers and the organization (of all sizes). This article takes a look at probably the clearest favorable circumstances to expect when you make use of external payroll accounting. 343 more words

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DFARS Cyber Security for Small Business Contractors

In 1998, I listened to an IT staff member from a large contractor proceed to chew out the contractor’s accounting staff for ‘losing’ a folder stored on the company’s servers containing all of the year-end closing work. 447 more words

Accounting System

Why auditing is a game changer for any business organization

Auditing is a method for assessing the viability of an organization’s internal controls. Keeping up an effective system of inward controls is essential for accomplishing an organization’s business goals, getting dependable monetary reporting regarding its operations, anticipating extortion and misappropriation of its benefits, and limiting its cost of capital. 403 more words


How to LOSE Those PROFITS (What DCAA and the Government Will Do to You)

In the current crisis surrounding DCAA, it is possible to receive a cost type contract requiring an approved accounting system without actually having anyone from the government look at your accounting system. 931 more words

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