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Really? Meals and Entertainment Expenses

While working on another project this morning, I recalled that twice in the last year; two separate DCAA auditors working thousands of miles apart, asked why the contractor had separate accounts for Meals and Entertainment in their Chart of Accounts.

Enough said?

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Point of Sales Systems - Choosing the Right POS for Your Business

I have spent the last 15 years in the Hospitality Industry, this has given me the opportunity to explore various Point of Sales systems. I would like to use this knowledge to give you and idea on what you should look for in a POS System.Purchase and Maintenance CostThe First thing anyone will consider is the cost, many companies will offer systems that might seem to be the same but have a huge difference in price. 590 more words

Part Two – Early Childhood or “How DCAA, Contractor, and Consultant Can Ruin an Audit”: Souring the Milk

When the contractor bid on the Air Force contract they had no written policies and procedures, utilized a popular accounting software package, and operated with an alphabetized chart of accounts (not really, but that is what their outside tax CPA claimed). 1,872 more words

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The Life of a Contractor: Part Two – Early Childhood or “How DCAA, Contractor, and Consultant Can Ruin an Audit”

Despite the apparent belief by the Air Force that DCAA would not show up, DCAA did. The contractor, with no professional accounting staff and an outside tax CPA who disavowed all knowledge of government contracting, hired an outside consultant (not me). 997 more words

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A Note on the Birth of the Contractor, the Previous Article.

One quick note about the contractor is described in the previous article, how I described their critical technology, and the way this often impacts the compliance process and audits. 205 more words

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The Birth, Life, and Death of a Small Business Contractor

Part One – The Illegitimate Birth

One of my clients is a small government contractor in the South with only a few employees. They are developing a technology that anyone could easily identify as critical in both military and civilian applications. 444 more words

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Accounting System (Basic)

Below are the features of Accounting System (Basic)

  • Deduction
  • Expenses
  • Billing
  • Balance Sheet (Ledger)
  • Contract

Programming Language: VB.Net

Database: MySql

IDE: Visual Studio 2010

Price: Negotiable