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A Note on the Birth of the Contractor, the Previous Article.

One quick note about the contractor is described in the previous article, how I described their critical technology, and the way this often impacts the compliance process and audits. 205 more words

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The Birth, Life, and Death of a Small Business Contractor

Part One – The Illegitimate Birth

One of my clients is a small government contractor in the South with only a few employees. They are developing a technology that anyone could easily identify as critical in both military and civilian applications. 444 more words

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Do you know that SMEs that implement a management system
grow faster than those that don’t?

By having a system, you can reduce time spent on unnecessary tasks and allow you and your team members to focus on the things that matter. 187 more words


Henry Ford: How to improve your finances with these 5 tips

As Patrick Dwyer best describes Henry Ford, he has been a great inspiration for many entrepreneurs, a visionist who dedicated his life to innovation and resourcefulness. 885 more words

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Why it’s important to spend time on your accounts

For small business owners, it is quite easy to allocate time to different aspects of the business, including daily accounting. This will ensure that they have a complete knowledge of their accounts. 182 more words


All the Fuss over Accrued Accounting

I am not going to enter any fights about cash accounting versus accrued accounting. As I note in my latest book, there is not a small business owner that does not keep in her head how much she is owed or how much she owes. 998 more words

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Support the Audit and Stand Up for Your Rights

A recent CBCA case (CBCA 3407) brings up a couple of critical issues relevant to small government contractors.

To abridge, the government lost a summary judgement motion from a government contractor for termination costs. 381 more words

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