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Why auditing is a game changer for any business organization

Auditing is a method for assessing the viability of an organization’s internal controls. Keeping up an effective system of inward controls is essential for accomplishing an organization’s business goals, getting dependable monetary reporting regarding its operations, anticipating extortion and misappropriation of its benefits, and limiting its cost of capital. 403 more words


How to LOSE Those PROFITS (What DCAA and the Government Will Do to You)

In the current crisis surrounding DCAA, it is possible to receive a cost type contract requiring an approved accounting system without actually having anyone from the government look at your accounting system. 931 more words

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The Good Lord Forgive Me, My Favorite Embezzlement Story


Audit Firm Victim Of Embezzling

June 23, 1995|By Matt O’Connor , Tribune Staff Writer.

Arthur Andersen & Co., which helps set up internal controls for companies to prevent employee theft and fraud, itself was victimized by a longtime employee who embezzled $2.3 million over five years, authorities alleged Thursday. 161 more words

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Your Tax Accountant is Our Friend – A Natural Partnership

We do not

  • Prepare tax returns
  • Audit

We do

  • Government contracting compliance (to include helping with compliance audits)
  • Cost accounting

Often, small business government contractors require all of these services. 591 more words

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The Small Business Contractor


You know who you are. Yes, you, the one trying to figure out just when DCAA is going to enter your life, or worse, a non DCAA auditor or government official is assessing your operations and accounting system. 629 more words

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Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting 101

If you are looking for a simpler, more accessible and cost-effective solution for business accounting, you would be hard-pressed to find a more suitable option than a cloud-based accounting system. 384 more words

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“Atlas Shrugged” was a classic novel written in 1957 by Ayn Rand.  A good description of the book and Ayn Rand’s political philosophy can be found in the Wikipedia pages for “Atlas Shrugged”. 95 more words

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