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Accounting Multiple Choice Question - 20 November 2019

When a machine is disposed of, the correct way to record the total depreciation charged on it up to the date of disposal is:

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Webinar on an Introduction to Excel Pivot Tables: Data Analysis and Creating Insightful Business Reports

Excel PivotTables enable quick exploration of business data and produce valuable insights from the accumulated data. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to produce meaningful, impactful and insightful reports using PivotTables in the shortest time possible for making better business decisions. 268 more words

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W-9 Documentation and 1099 Reporting - IRS Compliance Mandates and Latest Updates


Choosing Single Touch Payroll System Will Be a Wise Start for Hiring Accounting Services in Adelaide

Requiring help with accounting, tax and payroll in business is nothing new. Since the introduction of the accounting system, professional support has been needed and hired by companies. 389 more words


Accounting Multiple Choice Question - 19 November 2019

Upon the disposal of a vehicle, the double-entry which a furniture retailer should make to record the receipt of the sale proceeds is:

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Top 6 Questions Answered for Mastering the 1095-C Form Online

Here are a few more questions “1095-C Forms Online for ACA Compliance”. These questions cover measurement and stability periods, Union questions, waiting periods, and specifics on the forms. 443 more words


How Artificial Intelligence is Effectively Transforming Accounting Sector

The ability of Artificial Intelligence to process data at super speed and reduce errors is the critical factor augmenting its use in accounting applications. Artificial Intelligence can also assist with auditing, which gives accountants an easier time of looking at and interpreting data results. 250 more words