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The Culture Shock of Moving to America

One can’t possibly know which nuances of acculturation will trigger a response, either positive or negative. Manpreet’s entry to America has become my own personal social experiment. 2,356 more words


culture: immigration in great britain

Culture is the behaviors and belied characteristics of a particular group. It’s present in our society in every aspect. However, it is also a part of several current issues. 218 more words

Human Geography

Tuesday: A Place Within a Place

By Noa Dahan

When a person migrates from one country to another, they inevitably move into a new culture.

For any immigrant, this cultural shift is difficult to navigate, and there are two common reactions to this change. 692 more words

Tuesday: Telling the Immigrant Story with Paint

By Kayla Genord

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words–but the Chinese and other ethnic communities of the San Francisco area have much more to say than that. 404 more words

Collapse of Cultural Consistency

Minority cultures have always survived as an illusion of a balanced rational-protection extended by the majority. That is, the majority culture has always depicted minor culture as an independent rational entity, portraying its survival as the basis of a modern tolerant society. 2,194 more words

Philosophy & Spirituality

Diversity is a Politically Correct Buzzword: Let’s Get Serious about Workplace Integration

August 15, 1993, was to have been the luckiest day in my life.  I landed in Montreal, Canada, as a permanent resident with a job already lined up!  956 more words

Camille Isaacs Morell

Apologetics: My Strange Fixation with White Women

Alternative title: Navigating my Reader Identity

When I was a little girl and just starting to flex my writing muscles the first story I ever wrote was called… 539 more words

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