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Introduction to a topic - acculturation

Acculturation is the process of adaptation to another culture, both by the people who move to the new ‘host’ culture and those already living there, who are receiving the immigrants.  358 more words

Sociocultural Approach

Arthur and George - seeing and not seeing

I am a fan of the English writer Julian Barnes; I admire his economical use of language and his careful construction of the plot lines and psycho-drama of his novels. 434 more words


Immigrants Fitting In: Challenging the All-Or-Nothing View of Acculturation

Buckminster Fuller once famously observed that people don’t have roots. Trees have roots. People have feet, and one result of this human reality is that migration, including international migration, has always been a fundamental fact of life for our species. 564 more words


Shock and awe

One of the things I LOVE about The Swede is that he’s a newbie to the burn.

It’s so much fun acculturating someone to the principles and what to expect when you’re on the playa. 327 more words

Burning Man

Hack #3: Cinco De Mayo's Acculturation

Cinco De Mayo is a major holiday celebrated ironically in the United States with heavy drinking, spring break trips, barbecues, and dressing up in costumes.   Many Americans see this as a silly holiday to eat Mexican food, dress up in Mexican cultural clothes, and an excuse to get drunk, clearly taking the stereotypes of Mexican culture and displaying them openly.  339 more words

Taken for Granted: Henna Tattoos

In her article Cannibal Culture (1996), Deborah Roots criticizes the power to nitpick or salvage only parts of cultures for the sake of exchange in a capitalist economy, stating that “culture itself becomes a commodity” (Roots 73), rendering the appropriation/interest of art to be displaced from real ceremonial, social, and political contexts. 770 more words

Deconstructing the "instagram baddie"

Photos, from left: a Nuba woman wearing traditional cornrow hairstyle; a photo from social media, origin unknown. Both sourced from a Google search.

According to Root, appropriation is part of commodifying aspects of a culture for an economic gain. 494 more words