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Why do grasshoppers hop?

Q: Why do grasshoppers hop?

A: Because it is too hot in the frying pan.

HAHAHAHAHA.  Get it? 743 more words


Home is Where Your Heart Is

I grew up in Lima, Peru, and, over there, pigeons sing. I remember visiting my grandparents on vacation and waking up every morning to the sound of their song. 551 more words

Aflac and Amateur Spanglish

I’m yet to see how “Tu vales por two” resonates with bilinguals. Because “two” sounds contrived; the common phrase is, “Vales por dos.” For the intended effect, “two” should have referred to “ti”–instead of “tu”–as the object which receives the action; “tu” (or two as referred there) is a subject. 107 more words

Marketing To Latinos

Rice dreams and ice cream

Noony flashback…

One day I found Mom sitting on the floor, at the low table where we ate all our meals, the one with the elaborate mother-of-pearl inlay of peacocks.   295 more words


A Propos of yesterday's video discussion...

I know that for a lot of you, the video we watched in class yesterday was difficult. Perhaps you have been the victim of verbal assaults by others for your race, ethnicity, orientation, or some other factor, whether legitimately or merely perceived. 113 more words