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Immigrant acculturation and wellbeing in Canada: John Berry and Feng Hou

Another informative study by John Berry and Feng You showing that an acculturation and integration strategy that involves a strong sense of belonging both to Canada and the country of origin tends to result in higher levels of well-being: 923 more words


Mental Health and Stress Among South Asians

Author(s): Alison KARASZ ; Francesca GANY ; Javier ESCOBAR ; Cristina FLORES ; Lakshmi PRASAD ; Arpana INMAN ; Vasundhara KALASAPUDI ; Razia KOSI ; Meena MURTHY ; Jennifer LENG ; Sadhna DIWAN… 131 more words


Kurdish Refugees’ View of Politically Motivated Self-Immolation

Author(s): Mariwan HUSNI, Narmen KOYE, Zack Z. CERNOVSKY, John HAGGARTY



Self-immolation has been used as a political tool by various oppressed groups, including Kurdish refugees.

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Assimilation and Acculturation

Assimilation is a process in which people with a different culture of origin completely adapt to the culture of residency, leaving behind traits from their culture of origin. 39 more words


Immigrant acculturation and wellbeing in Canada

Author(s): John W. BERRY ; Feng HOU



Much international research has examined the various ways in which immigrants engage both their new society and their heritage culture, and the relationship between these ways of engagement and their wellbeing.

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Acculturation contexts: Theorizing on the role of intercultural hierarchy in contemporary immigrants' acculturation strategies

Author(s): Cristina S. STEPHENS



Recent efforts to expand the theoretical framework of acculturation have drawn attention to a variety of pre-migration and reception contexts that affect how immigrants engage with the culture of their country of destination.

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