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Organizing Principles

Cut Out, Throw Away, Reduce, Simplify, Reuse, Keep Clean
All along the angels watch us, ever silently
All along we take our tea with Demonoid, the Faeries, Lao Tzu… 172 more words

Contemporary Poetry

Adaptation of minorities - what is the best way?

How should the foreigners behave in our country? We all have an opinion. Some say they should always follow the rules and normsĀ of the host country andĀ drop their own foreign cultural habits. 1,127 more words

German Customer Service

One of the things that I miss so much about American is Customer Service. I know it sounds strange, but when you come from a country where the “customer is always right” you really take it for granted. 1,464 more words

Passing the torch: integration, segregation and cultural learning in sport

About two weeks ago, I had a brief conversation with my house manager when I was waiting for my friend to pick me up to the baseball training. 848 more words

U is for ... AccUltUration

Okay, okay, this is a bit of a cheat post. I want it to be known I was going to do something on “understanding” but realized I had departed a bit from the tenets of anthropology. 356 more words


Wikipedia in Education: Acculturation and Learning in Virtual Communities

The present study investigates on the learning impact of utilizing Wikipedia’s community in education. Today, many instructors assign their students editing Wikipedia’s articles as part of their coursework. 158 more words


They Shall not Perish :Genocide and Education

I went to the exhibit of “They Shall not Perish.” Then I was surprised because I have never known the perish truth story in Near East. 401 more words