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“The willingness to change one’s identity, or at least add a second identity – perhaps one of the most painful psychological experiences humans can encounter but also one of the most liberating – is shaped first and foremost by the willingness of the host culture to accept the immigrant into the community. 79 more words


Aculturado, Retroaculturado y Asimilado

El aculturado vive en dos mundos—el del país donde creció—su cultura de origen y en la de residencia—donde vive; por ejemplo, Shakira.

El retroaculturado está más empapado de la cultura de residencia pero tiene interés en aprender la cultura de sus padres o abuelos; por ejemplo, Eva Longoria. 82 more words

Cultural Identity

ACCULTURATION & How It Can Make Out-group Members Feel Included

by Bob Whitesel, D.Min., Ph.D., 11/2/15.

Out-group members are people who are members of your church or organization, but feel like they are not being included in decision-making or being heard.  892 more words



The concept refers to the process of assimilation by one culture of the material practices of another group, or to how a culture has to reshape in order to accommodate technological practices together with its own values (order, causal sequence, functionality, efficiency, uniformity, utility, motion, energy, speed…). 476 more words



Settling into a new life in another country takes time. Joining the university in the context of multiple entities and institutions sponsoring my fellowship is trying. 1,020 more words


Throwback Thursday: Repatriation day plus one year.

A lot of my friends do this thing on Facebook called Throwback Thursday, where you post a really old photograph of yourself, but I realized a few days ago that this Thursday would be the first of October.  808 more words


The Friend and the Farmer

In the last seven years, I have developed friendships with people from Ecuador. We have shared many meals together and swapped stories about our lives here in the US. 1,592 more words