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The Heart is enough

Listeners: I was reading a book of yours, Personality. It was written that whatever you liked from your heart, the same thing you should do in the outer world. 2,508 more words


The Accumulation Of Capital TXT

The accumulation of capital therefore is usually accompanied by “a relative diminution of the variable part of capital”, according to Marx (ibid p.772). Whether that leads to an absolute fall in the number of employed workers is uncertain. 425 more words


Day 370 - Daily Forgiveness and Walk

Today just generic Self-forgiveness from this point and see where I move from here.

  • I forgive myself that I have not considered the fact that reality is something what is always here, in and as the physical and if I am not aligned with it in thought, word and deed, I am living in an alternate, virtual, delusional reality and even if I convinced myself that it’s okay to shift back and forth, not realizing that the consequences I create in my separate, personal reality due to the separation experience from reality will inevitably manifest in the reality as well, just more unpredictably, thus determining my actual life to be insecure, uncertain and confusing, because I am not aware of what I actually cause and how – because if I would be, I certainly would consider to stop this madness of self-awareness and would focus to re-align with all life awareness here in and as the physical reality.
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Journey To Life

Cara Membuat Orde Sungai Menggunakan ArcGIS dari Data DEM

Data yang perlu disiapkan untuk membuat orde sungai yaitu menggunakan data DEM (Digital Elevation Model), atau menggunakan data kontur dari peta RBI yang selanjutnya dilakukan proses interpolasi. 191 more words


From accumulation to understatement

Figures of speech can help listeners and readers understand what we say and write. But they also help make our language more colorful and make our stories more engaging (hey, wasn’t that an anaphora?) As I use them frequently in my presentations and my blog posts, here’s a (non-exhaustive) list with 10 of my favorite rhetorical figures… 594 more words

Best Practices

No knowledge is ever going to deliver the goods for you.

Knowledge has no stickiness of its own. It is the mind that is sticky. It is the mind that feels that it is incomplete and hence must have knowledge to feel complete. 335 more words