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Sometimes, things just pile up…

These are all the photos I have taken this month that I have not yet had time to scan…

(25 March 2015)


TVO Market Barometer 3/23/15

After the massive volume boost we had last Friday, anything today would’ve seemed light in comparison. So markets took the opportunity to pull in and continue to digest last week’s madness. 123 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

TVO Market Barometer 3/18/15

With the oscillator at -4.0 yesterday we stated that we were approaching the zone where reversals often occur. With TVO, the definition of a reversal is a significant change in market sentiment pertaining to volume… and today was a doozy. 141 more words

Total Volume Oscillator


In financial wealth as in life, there is an S curve on the various stages of wealth once could be at.In the early years beginning of the normal curve, we will mainly be in our schools and colleges getting an education- so we may be able to get jobs.Soon after this stage, we come into : 283 more words

TVO Market Barometer 3/16/15

For the last 3 sessions, both sides of the market have been rocking the seesaw, flexing their muscles to show who’s boss, and today it was the bulls’ turn. 131 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

TVO Market Barometer 3/12/15

Yesterday’s shift toward heavier up volume continued today, but with only a nudge higher of volume overall. So we have begun to see some accumulation, but a ship with no sail can only stay at sea for so long. 132 more words

Total Volume Oscillator