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Poverty cannot be ‘cured’, for it is not a symptom of the disease of capitalism. Quite the reverse: it is evidence of its robust good health, its spur to even greater accumulation and effort.
Jeremy Seabrook


So rich so what?

If you are so rich, so what?
You’ve accumulated so much money;
You have swollen bank accounts here and there;
You have investments, houses, and what have you? 266 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract - Glass

Here we look up through a clear-glass ceiling to a surreal accumulation of various colors and types of glass artifacts.

(Click on the picture to get an enlarged view! 14 more words



Oh the disposables we add to our everyday lives! Disposable cups, disposable bags, disposable spoons and the so many other disposables that have become integral in our lives are accumulating quietly and hazardously in street corners, empty lands, inside and outside trash cans and our homes. 224 more words

Why We Shouldn't be Bothered with Fear-Mongers

There is much fear–mongering in the different media which we are exposed to everyday. Take a look at the money section of any website, newspaper or magazine and you will find stories warning you about the Chinese economy, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies, the impact of the U.S. 459 more words

Personal Finance

You don’t have to die to win!

When you buy Life Insurance you buy it for a good reason.  Generally, there is a need. Whatever the need there are two types of life insurance Term and Whole life. 690 more words

Family Security

My students made the quiz!

In Calculus we are currently doing rates problems. If you are familiar with AP Calculus, then you should be pretty intimate with the famous Amusement Park problem and all of its children. 257 more words