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What goes up... keeps going up?

The other day I read an article that suggests that many Canadians would have a problem if the market value of houses were to drop.  We have been warned of this crisis to come, but we choose to ignore the reality of the situation. 837 more words

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Clearing Out My Mother's House

An old, brown, decaying hat box. This gets turfed in the pile to go to charity.

Then, several days after it has irretrievably gone, I find a little wooden box in my mother’s bedside table. 1,353 more words

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Heaven can wait... along as you plan for the road ahead.

A person sacrifices his/her health to make money.  Then they sacrifice money to recuperate their health.  They become so anxious about the future that they do not enjoy the present; the result being that they do not live in the present or the future; they live as they are never going to die, only to die never really lived.   650 more words

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Most of us have a tendency to collect a certain class of object. Not necessarily intentionally; not necessarily because we want or like them; but simply because we have a weakness in that direction. 36 more words

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The Exponential moving average

What differentiates the exponential moving average from  a simple moving average is that that more weight is given to the latest data. Thus, it is  faster and more indicative of short term price movements that more active traders could use to their advantage. 32 more words

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Wealth Accumulation

The greatest purpose of wealth accumulation I know will be 41 more words