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I resolved to stop accumulating and begin the infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise distribution. – Andrew Carnegie

Generating gross domestic savings (accumulation, capital) by countries and groupings; On the potential that (can) reflect the new BRIC Development Bank

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Gross national savings (generated accumulation, capital), total for 2005-14, by the sample countries

 Rank posit. Country 2005-14 Rank posit. Country 2005-14 368 more words
Globalized Economy And Finance

"I'm Wisdom and Creativity...."

“I’m not a collection of hours. I’m the accumulation of all my skills and talents. I’m wisdom and creativity.” – Breaking the Time Barrier, FreshBooks

Project Management

the minimum: 35/365

In direct contradiction with my tendency to save stuff, and/or because of it, I love getting rid of things and fantasize about a life with only the minimum. 145 more words


TVO Market Barometer 2/12/15

On days like today I often get comments from friends like “Whatever you do Mike, just stay out of the market.” It seems that to them making new highs is just as scary, if not more so, than hitting new lows because they’re all thinking it’s only a matter of time before… well you get the idea. 99 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

TVO Market Barometer 2/10/15

The lack of distribution that we saw in last night’s analysis, has indeed given way to accumulation as some high volume institutional buyers stepped in, bought the gap, shook out the weak hands and never looked back. 108 more words

Total Volume Oscillator

TVO Market Barometer 2/9/15

In the past 4 sessions we’ve made virtually no progress towards resolving this range in terms of volume. The bears’ attempt to take things down today turned out to be rather weak, with volume decreasing across the board. 137 more words

Total Volume Oscillator