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I laugh at your "3-shot-group-for-accuracy"

You read about them all the time in the gun press. Some will go for 5 shots.  Three and five shot groups? I’ll call those “hints”. 174 more words

Weekly Match

A Polish reporter's account of the human shields the BBC refused to see

Last year the BBC Complaints department responded to complaints concerning the lack of BBC coverage of terrorist missile fire from the Gaza Strip by claiming that “it was very hard for journalists in Gaza to get to see rockets being fired out” and by citing a filmed report by Orla Guerin from August 12th 2014 as support for the claim that it did in fact report “on allegations that Hamas and other militants put Palestinian civilian lives at risk by operating from residential areas, as well as launching rockets near schools and hospitals”. 558 more words


Why is BBC Arabic amplifying Syrian regime propaganda?

Readers may recall that some two and a half years ago the BBC got itself into hot water by promoting Assad regime propaganda on its English language website. 490 more words


How to turn on SBAS for the R1 in TerraFlex.

An Unofficial guide How to turn on SBAS for the R1 in TerraFlex.

Click here if you need help connecting your R1 to your Android device… 26 more words


Don't fall off! The delicate balance of outrunning a predator

Rebecca Wheatley, The University of Queensland

Imagine you are crossing a stream over a fallen log. How fast would you walk across? Probably fairly slowly, balancing carefully as you go. 930 more words


Why it's so important to be historically accurate when teaching history

Currently, the news of the upcoming Stonewall movie has been circulating the internet – vast amounts of criticism have been noted and discussed and for a good reason: it is, in no way historically accurate, or even accurate in that sense. 289 more words


No BBC follow up on PIJ cell it promoted as 'civilians'

As readers no doubt recall, on August 21st the BBC promoted a claim aired on Syrian state TV according to which the people killed in an… 209 more words