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introduction to measurements


Accuracy : It is the closeness with which an instrument reading approaches the true value of the quantity being measured.

Precision: It is measure of degree of agreement within a group of measurements. 175 more words


Beware of useless apostrophes

There are no possessive pronouns that use apostrophes. (And avoid using “there” in a sentence. Ha!)

Passive voice takes longer to write and has less to say. 38 more words



Lying is one of the easiest things to do. Once it slips out of your mouth it’s done & it only takes a couple of seconds. 762 more words


In which James Menendez ditches the BBC's remit for political grandstanding

A pretty good indicator of whether a BBC interviewer’s questions are intended to promote audience “understanding of international issues” or rather designed to grandstand his or her own political messaging is whether or not audiences actually get the chance to hear the answer to the question posed. 1,178 more words


BDS background the BBC fails to report

Two recent reports by the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Kevin Connolly which once again amplified the messaging of the BDS campaign (see related articles below) referred obliquely to the Israeli company… 134 more words


Does your glucometer show readings with high variation of 40%? What to expect when you go for blood glucose monitoring? Fact that it may be erraticly high by 40% , now study confirms glucose levels, its variations given your day for you!

Clinicians worldwide urge and recommend that Diabetes is a metabolic disorder , one could keep in check and still, lead a healthier life. Conversely, much sooner an individual discovers his/her diabetic status, continues to have each sinful sweet effort, delivering guilt and life pacing the heartbeat after each fasting blood glucose monitor. 444 more words

Dr Puneet Chandna

Reporters who don't read the news

If you were a reporter, wouldn’t you feel it necessary to actually be somewhat familiar with current events? I don’t mean memorizing everything around the world, but maybe learn at ¬†least the basics of the story you are supposedly investigating? 286 more words