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Photo of Billie Holiday?

Many viral picture accounts keeps claiming this is a photo of Billie Holiday:

She is actually Lorraine Clover, wife of famous trumpet player Donald Byrd. 16 more words


Benches that Work

One of my favourite principles in doing pretty much anything is what I call ‘circuits’.  It’s all about getting the energy you are putting in, precisely to the place you want it. 1,259 more words

The Illusory Truth Effect: The more someone sees “fake news,” the more they believe it

A study done by Yale University’s Department of Psychology, Department of Economics, and School of Management concluded that “even a single exposure (to fake news) increases perceptions of accuracy.” Here’s the kicker: Even when flagged as disputed by fact-checkers, or warned that the story might be fake, the perception of accuracy went up. 212 more words


Neil Armstrong having dinner

This photo is still being shared with incorrect caption: Neil Armstrong eating his last breakfast on Earth before leaving for the moon.

Photo by Ralph Morse… 71 more words


BBC WS culture show gives the latest mainstreaming platform to BDS

Nearly half of the June 19th edition of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘The Cultural Frontline’ was devoted to the topic of Lebanon’s boycott of the film ‘Wonder Woman’. 1,297 more words