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Revisiting the BBC's claims about a 2014 story from Rafah

On July 21st 2014 the BBC News website published an article titled “Gaza crisis: UN calls for ceasefire as deaths pass 500” in which readers learned that: 700 more words


Who Changed the Bible and Why

Our modern Bible, good book as it may be, was written thousands of years ago, copied millions of times, translated into thousands of languages, and therefore can in no way accurately represent the Bible that was originally written. 1,168 more words

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I agree with every translation there will be some differences in the text, especially when these are not from the original. The more translations there are from translations the differences could be more extensive. The only way to monitor if there are differnces in each translation is to compare with the original, so if this is not available, no one can be sure how accurate any translation is. Then, when viewing the original if this was possible, how accurate would that be, for to be accurate each should have been written by the person on whose knowledge it is based, for scribes may not always write what is verbaly expressed, even if this is done at the time the events occurred. If the scribing was done some many years later, then who can tell what the original meanings were meant to be. Then in some instances were the happenings from reality or assumed reality. However, this should not bring any religion into disrepute, for all religions are beliefs and if these beliefs help and give comfort to the individuals who believe then the religion should not be disputed. This should not minimise the credence of any religion and detract from their beliefs, nor should it detract from believers of different religions or those who for other reasons do not fully believe in the total religion of others. For beliefs should be for each individual and not for others to belittle or force others to act against their beliefs, except where this goes against the law and customs of the country in which they reside. We should all be tolerent of each other and learn to live side by side, for then and only then will there be peace within the world.

Weekly Commodity Futures Forecasts Accuracy (August 22, 2016 – August 26, 2016)

This post aims to show how Weekly Commodity Futures Forecasts (August 22, 2016 – August 26, 2016) published on 2016/08/21 have performed. The forecasted values are compared to the closing prices of commodity futures as of  81 more words


Bipod/benchrest Recoil and Point of Impact

September 2006- Casper, Wyoming.

I was scratching my head as I watched a 13″ antelope disappear behind a gulley at top speed.

He was only about 125 yards away when I fired and my rifle was zeroed for 100 yards. 314 more words


Don't Ask Me That: Trust the Bible?

Not only do we get internal claims, but also external proof that the events actually happened—reality instead of mythology, closeness to the actual events rather than centuries later, but next we get to take on… 573 more words


All's FAIR in custom work

Sometimes in custom work things don’t go your way. A job can seem so simple, and then throw you nothing but road blocks along the way. 753 more words