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Mincy, my 'Timepass' friend (!?#@!!?!?@!#?!?)

Once the class duration reduced to 3 hours a day, I had plenty of free time all day. And nothing much to do, except chat with Mincy. 438 more words

All The Ladies

Marina Abramović Institute Apologizes to Jay Z, Saying He Did Donate After All

Marina Abramović’s namesake institute has apologized to Jay-Z and Serbian performance artist herself for not disclosing that the rapper had donated to the foundation.

Marina Abramović … 132 more words

FTC: Family raised $187M for cancer, spent it on themselves

WASHINGTON (AP) – A Tennessee man and his family used much of the $187 million it collected for cancer patients to buy themselves cars, gym memberships and take luxury cruise vacations, pay for college tuition and employ family members with six-figure salaries, federal officials alleged Tuesday in one of the largest charity fraud cases ever, involving all 50 states. 722 more words


.:Advice About Relationships Part 3:.

Yes, I know that I have posted already today, but I really think this is something that needs to be brought up.

I just recently received an email from a young man about a relationship he was in and I really wanted to share it with all of you. 998 more words

OH inspector: Man stole over $100K in lottery tickets

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – Ohio Inspector Geeneral Randall Meyer Monday accused an Ohio Lottery Commission employee of stealing over $100,000 in lottery tickets, according to a press release. 84 more words


Answers In The Storm-Watch

“Sometimes, not saying anything is the best answer. You see, silence can never be misquoted.”

— Unknown

Charissa Grace

Is it Just My Society?

There’s one common thing about people who are not doing well, or struggling financially, emotionally and generally failing in life – they don’t accept responsibility for their actions when things go wrong. 433 more words

Vincent Egoro