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You Aren't 

You say this city-state is full

of people who are twisted,

deviants of one kind

or another,

afflicted in the mind with

some disorder.

You aren’t wrong. 173 more words

SMRT defends CEO on Facebook against unsubstantiated forum troll accusation

(Source: mothership.sg)

You know times are tough for SMRT and its beleaguered CEO Desmond Kuek.

But you know times are especially tough when the public transport operator has to resort to defending its CEO on Facebook against an unsubstantiated accusation levelled against him that was originally posted on an anonymous forum. 272 more words

Current Affairs

Who's to blame?

“I speak my own sins; I cannot judge another. I have no tongue for it.” – Arthur Miller, The Crucible

Terrible phenomenons occur all the time. 452 more words

Haven't We Learned from SVU that Victim Blaming & Shaming Isn't Okay?

In the recent and growing flood of accusations against sexual predators, there is one question I hear again and again: “Why didn’t report it sooner?” 1,112 more words

Write Back To Fight Back!


I sit and listen

to the storm that fall

I close my eyes

I wish I could go away

with it all

The underlying pattern… 33 more words