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Trump and The Russian Connection: Political Arm Wrestling

Nathan Le Master
January 15, 2017

The story of Trump’s bromance with Putin keeps on spinning and spinning around the news cycle’s merry-go-round. Lines are being drawn, and teams are being drafted. 951 more words


The pronouncement

You may still find germs in a washed plate under the microscope, but that’s a world of a difference against a dirty, unwashed plate! One can justifiably pronounce one clean and the other dirty. 14 more words


Levels of knowing

There are different levels of knowing. I know many people by their reputation only.

Mar_6:14 Now King Herod heard of Him, for His name had become well known.

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Christ In Me

The Accuser Is Not God

When things go bad in people’s life they often look for someone to blame or accuse for their misfortune. When someone encounters natural disaster or tragedy often people accuse God for the situation occurring in their life. 1,215 more words


to the little girl who cried rape

Dear Little Girl Who Cried Rape,

You made a grave mistake. Simple enough. You may think that claiming a rape that either didn’t happen or claimed that you were nonconsensual (when you actually were) isn’t that big of a deal. 338 more words


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Percijn van Haeringen

Geert Wilders persecuted because of his speech about more or less Moroccans.

There have been done more than 5000 accusations against Geert Wilders after he stated: ‘Meer of minder Marokkanen’. 406 more words

Keys of Spiritual Warfare

My first introduction to the subject of spiritual warfare was around 1990. The church we were members of at the time held a conference called Resolving Spiritual Conflicts. 919 more words

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