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The Cavities in Life Are Not God's Fault

When I was young, I got a cavity. I wasn’t nervous sitting in the chair with all the silver tools around me. After a few deep breaths of nitrous the nurse swabbed some numbing cream on my gums. 1,482 more words


Damascus denies accusations of chlorine use in Aleppo

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria’s government on Wednesday fiercely denied accusations by Human Rights Watch that it used chemical weapons in its battle for Aleppo, shrugging off the group’s report as “unprofessional and unscientific.” 261 more words

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PA fumes at Qatar accusation it doesn’t care about Gaza energy crisis

The Palestinian Authority angrily denied an accusation from Qatar’s special envoy to the Gaza Strip that it is not doing its best to solve an electricity crisis in Hamas-ruled Gaza. 292 more words

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Therefore, I bind these lies and slanderous accusations to my person as an ... (©John Bunyan)

“Therefore, I bind these lies and slanderous accusations to my person as an ornament; it belongs to my Christian profession to be vilified, slandered, reproached and reviled, and since all this is nothing but that, as God and my conscience testify, I rejoice in being reproached for Christ’s sake.” 
– John Bunyan


Do you struggle with guilt?

Do you struggle with feeling guilty about stuff, even if you’ve not done anything wrong? Does guilt motivate you to do things you would otherwise not do? 1,079 more words

Scripture To Think About

Mud fun

Mud slinging—

This photo looks like a tun-o-fun to me!  Personally, getting slimy muddy in the name of a great good time is quite appealing.  The problem comes when we start slopping mud onto each other—with our words.  467 more words

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Winter Season

I’m bound,
to give you an excuse this season,
to avoid myself,
getting invited on your winter celebration.

Numerous synthetics to wear;fixed on the boards, 106 more words