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That would be doubleplusungood.

I sometimes fear  that we will need to radically rewrite our dictionaries in the near future as so many of our words are dropping their old, negative definitions for new, positive and  winsome meanings. 1,191 more words

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Parting Ways

As Jacob increased in wealth, he came into conflict with Laban (Gen. 31:1-2). We’ve seen that Jacob’s increase was the increase of what is spiritual and that this leads to… 545 more words


"This is the reason I'm spending 20years in jail for rape I didn't commit" - Sky

The jeans and top were off, she was only in her bra and panties…and damn what a sexy pair of undies. Personally I prefer boylegs typpa undies but anyway… 1,378 more words


3 Black Men Are Falsely Accused Of Theft At Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack’s President Geevy Thomas is issuing an apology to three young men in Missouri who were accused of stealing according to Blavity. Thomas is flying out to Missouri to give an apology in person. 444 more words

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Once, Abba Isaiah saw someone committing a grave sin. The “starets” did not accuse
him but said to himself: “If God, Who created him, sees this and is merciful toward him, then who am I to accuse him?”

Personal Account - Denial

There I was, as bold as anything. “Even if everyone else deserts you, I never will.” And I meant it. I really meant it.

Jesus looked at me, His eyes searching, looking deep into me. 588 more words


The Bigger Deal About the Bill Hybels Accusations

Stunned. Saddened. Angered. Grieved. Determined. Questioning.

I have this jumbled mix of emotions upon reading the Chicago Tribune article. How can this be? Who is really telling the truth? 1,103 more words