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Posts from 'Perspectives'..... Hindsight on post No 2

What can i say about this that will make it any easier. Not a lot really. Nobody likes having their integrity questioned, nobody likes to be accused of stealing, but you will be questioned and it will hurt. 214 more words


Posts from 'Perspectives'..... a blog of the journey with dementia - No 2

I am sure you already know that being accused of something that is not true is truly upsetting and when it comes from a loved one it is even worse. 477 more words


Midnight Confession Sessions

I might be seen as judgemental at the first sigh.

I admit that.

But I believe I am an honest person.

I trust my feelings which generally don’t let me down… 70 more words


"Big Daddy" said Freud

One day when I am gone, what are you gonna do? Momma nor lil bro will interact with your fights. You say things to get to me, which you know will. 327 more words


Dealing with False Accusations

It wasn’t that long ago I wrote the post “Prepare Yourself for False Accusations” and I cannot believe how quickly those false accusations have started coming about. 2,232 more words

2 Corinthians 1:12-2:4 -- When others misunderstand and accuse us

As you read this letter, you start to see that Paul and the Corinthians had been having a really tough time in their relationship.

Apparently, some of the Corinthians had taken some of the things he had said in his earlier letter badly, and were now accusing him of being unreliable at best, and duplicitous and manipulative at worst.   584 more words

New Testament



A tall, silver-haired, brown-eyed, no-nonsense man, wearing a suit with a black tie and leather gloves has received instructions for a mission. 1,283 more words