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"Out Damned Spot"

It is very fascinating to me that Dave is trying so hard to turn me into a guilty person.

He is specifically trying to shift blame off himself and accuse me of a variety of offences: I don’t shower, I don’t get out of bed, I don’t enjoy a beautiful day, I do yoga, I do expensive yoga, I go to Starbucks, I am a bad mother, I don’t work, I don’t unpack boxes, I expect him to pay my ferry fare, I am defrauding the government, I steel photos, I bully, and the list goes on and on including the bizarre claim that I have kitty litter all over my house. 592 more words


Sonia Rykiel réfute les accusations de Little Marcel

Sonia Rykiel réfute les accusations de Little Marcel
Les rayures multicolores de Little Marcel sont au centre d'un lourd contentieux avec Sonia Rykiel (Crédits : DR) Suite à l'article d'Objectif Languedoc-Roussillon, paru le 12 juin, où Little Marcel l'accusait de s'arroger le… 7 more words

Luhan | Claims SM Poorly Compensated + Netizens Outraged

Luhan is going to remain in hot water for a while since Tao is sorta in good graces with netizens right now. If you didn’t hear what he did recently, Tao was supposed to have a concert in China but due to the recent horrific explosions that took the lives of many and displaced a lot of familes, Tao decided to instead… 195 more words


A Modern Day Pharisee

The word “pharisee” is a word used in some religious discussions. On Facebook earlier this week I asked the question: “What is a modern-day pharisee?” Many answers were given, but all of them were nothing but opinions; whatever value there might be in a person’s opinion, opinions are like noses—everyone has one! 313 more words

"I'm just a sucker with no self-esteem!"

I know in my heart how incredibly honest of a person I am, so I don’t understand why I don’t have the self-confidence to say to myself that I… 48 more words


He shark, me plankton.

Went to bed fuming yesterday because X and I had a minor disagreement which led to unfair accusations and it kinda escalated to unnecessary proportions. I decided to stop speaking to him (very mature behaviour, I know) and him to me. 686 more words

Wrong Guilt Load to Carry

Phɶneus —  Oh, indeed, what tangled webs you weave! Oh, how your heart you do deceive! Why come to me for me to relieve? What can mere sprit do, when in healing you do not believe? 443 more words