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Accusations, Defended, Transformed - That's You!

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Have you ever been accused of something that you know you did not do? It hurts and most people will do what they can to prove the accusation false. 944 more words


Trump ex-campaign manager: 'There was a sexual assault in the White House - Bill Clinton'

(National SentinelCapitol Hillbillies: A former campaign manager for Donald J. Trump says that yes, there certainly has been a sexual assaulter in the White House, but it’s not the current occupant. 373 more words

President Donald J. Trump

Response to False Accusations by Tennessee Better Business Bureau and attempted Blackmail to take down story

draft-regarding BBB false accusations

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Student loan debt forgiveness is a hot topic these days and predatory companies are doing their best to cash in on it. 16 more words

Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Raping 3 Women In New Yorker Story

NEW YORK (AP) — The New Yorker reported Tuesday that Harvey Weinstein has previously raped three women, significantly intensifying the scandal surrounding the disgraced movie mogul. 396 more words


Jim Carey's Ex-Girlfriend Left a SUICIDE NOTE! You Won't BELIEVE What She WROTE!

A note drafted by Catriona, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend, has been discovered recently. On this note, she supposedly wrote about the sourness of the relationship she had with Jim and accused him of a pretty rough allegation, being a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases. 333 more words


False Allegations

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When one person makes false accusations against or statements about another and “publishes” those statements (by transmitting them to a third party by written word or word of mouth), and those statements damage the reputation, character or integrity of that person, the target of the statements may recover damages from the person who uttered the false statements. 25 more words

False Accuse

Yuck- was that you or me?

“Don’t pick it up for goodness sake- No, no, no- drop it! Yuck. What is that or should I say was that? No, I mean, no don’t look at it, I don’t want to know.” 856 more words