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I’m a member of the nightmare club on campus and we commonly play a game called Werewolf. The game consists of a person pretending to be the werewolf, and choosing someone to kill each time everyone closes their eyes. 198 more words

Russia the Eternal Enemy Quotations

Since the Cold War ended, Russian leaders have built a shadow empire on the territories of Russia’s sovereign neighbors, extending Russian power where it is unwarranted and unwelcome by sponsoring “frozen conflicts” in southeastern Europe and the South Caucasus.

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Hard Time

I heard the complaint. The person who said it, let it drop from their hand and roll into the center of the room. Everyone in the room knows about the slope of the floor which sent the grenade rolling to my feet. 47 more words

Everyday Living

The Capybara Party Candidate

My presidential campaign has turned ugly. False accusations of my dishonesty, my deceit, and my character from many years past are now being exposed to distract voters from the real issues, corn and swimming pools. 816 more words

Dobby News

Trump campaign battered by sordid new accusations of sexual misbehavior

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Battered by sordid new accusations of sexual misbehavior, Donald Trump fought back in ever-more-remarkable fashion Friday, acting out one woman’s allegation onstage and suggesting another was not attractive enough to merit his attention. 1,093 more words


One of the many lessons that the downfall of Trump teaches us

Let me start by being clear, it is my opinion that Donald Trump is a bigoted person. I truly believe excusing his behaviour on the grounds of any political or security basis is an excuse to accept racism and bigoted views. 439 more words

Point Of View

2 Women Tell Paper Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

WASHINGTON (CBS SF/AP) — Two women tell The New York Times that Donald Trump touched them inappropriately — groping a woman in one instance and kissing a woman in another — during separate encounters that took place as long as three decades ago, the newspaper reported Wednesday. 818 more words