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Accutane Diary Week 7 - Are Things Looking Up?

Hello everyone! I think this will just be a very short update this week as I just finished work.

At the start of the week, I began to feel quite emotional and frustrated. 256 more words


Tracking my Progress

Today is the second week of my Accutane course.
When prescribed with the drug, I was informed about the dry skin, dry lips , mood swings, dry eyes, joint pain etc. 238 more words

My Biggest Decision!

When I first decided to blog, it was because I wanted to share my biggest decision with people out there who might be in the same situation as me. 604 more words

Day 13

After a horrible few days with my skin it’s finally looking better. The spots are drying up and my skin really looks like it’s starting to clear, hallelujah!! 129 more words


My Acne Journey

Since I was 14, there hasn’t been a day in my life without thoughts about my skin.
Acne began for me as the typical, teenager type acne. 1,224 more words


Accutane Diary Week 6 – Lacking in Confidence

Hi guys! Sorry week 6 is a day early but I really felt like writing tonight.

Yesterday, I celebrated my graduation. I had a brilliant day and wore a permanent smile, surrounded by my friends and family. 417 more words


Day 8

My dermatologist told me it’s going to get worse before it get better and she is right! My skin feels and looks horrendous today. I’ve had some big horrible spots come out and I feel like places are starting to dry out. 154 more words