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#atthemoment #GoodMorning Hourly Weather Forecast Manila Apr19, 2016 Accuweather

Hourly Weather Forecast, Manila, Ph, 19Apr2016, from Accuweather (if you want the weather for a specific city for a specific hour, pls post your weather forecast request in the comments box :) ) 52 more words


#atthe moment #GoodMorning Hourly #weather, #temperature, per city here (QC now)

First posted at 8:29am : According to the weather app AccuWeather, which last Friday was shown here as more accurate than PAGASA ( see previous posts), the weather forecast per hour per city (Quezon City now, pls post your forecast request in the comments box below for your city & I will give the AccuWeather forecast for it): … 393 more words


90-Day Weather Forecasts Are A Thing Now And Weathermen Aren't Happy

Popular online weather site AccuWeather is now issuing weather forecasts up to 90 days in advance. Other meteorologists are upset because doing this puts them out of a job. 241 more words


AccuWeather won! (against PAGASA) -- water dropping from the heavens now, unlikely but real

Like clockwork. AccuWeather won against PAGASA (see previous posts at 9am today). If you’re in QC and if you open your window, you’ll hear rain (what were the odds — AccuWeather got it right down to the city and the hour), and then five minutes ago there was a clap of lightning followed by…you guessed it. 41 more words


PAGASA belated thunderstorm forecast 20 mins ago

After it was posted here at 9:08am that there would be a thunderstorm in QC at 1pm today according to AccuWeather, PAGASA 20 minutes ago re-tweeted a thunderstorm forecast in QC from the DOST DRRM-R4. 35 more words


AccuWeather says: QC 1pm cloudy, thunderstorm; QC 2pm sunny hot -- let's see if more accurate than PAGASA

See previous post: It’s been scorching hot the past two days, it’s like “Lucifer” surfaced on earth and Trump has not even gotten the nomination yet — oops… But AccuWeather ( it’s an app) says that in Quezon City, (Philippines) at 1 pm today April 15, 2016 it will be mostly cloudy with thunderstorm, then at 2pm it will get hot and mostly sunny. 43 more words


#atthemoment #GoodMorning Hourly Weather Forecast from AccuWeather for today Apr15, 2016 here

#atthemoment Posted at 9:08 am April 15, 2016:

Hourly weather forecast from the AccuWeather app for the location Quezon City ( the AccuWeather app has a forecast for each city for each hour — more accurate than other weather forecasting stations) 167 more words