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Remarkable Reads for 2018, Part Five

The college semester ends in late April, and while I love teaching, there is that bothersome necessity of recording grades. Since my teaching load this past semester was larger than usual, that meant more grades to sort out, so I spent a lot of extra time away from things I like to do. 521 more words


Ace in the Hole

Writer: Walter Newman, Lesser Samuels & Billy Wilder

Story: Victor Desny

Director: Billy Wilder

Cinematographer: Charles Lang

Music: Hugo Friedhofer

Cast: Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Robert Arthur, Richard Benedict… 990 more words

Film Noir

Ace in the Hole (1951)

Dir. Billy Wilder. Starring Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Ray Teal

The father of the man who is trapped in an old Native American burying ground underneath “the Mountain of the Seven Vultures” is a hangdog type, one who may have doomed his son to tragedy via phrenology alone. 1,505 more words


TTYA - Ace In the Hole (1951)

The Wild man strikes again, with this classic Kirk Douglas black comedy.


Ace In the Hole is probably the most cynical, pessimistic Billy Wilder movie that I’ve seen yet. 396 more words

Film Review

Bright Projections: Celebrating Cinema’s Outsiders at Cinema Rediscovered

Being in the projection room at the Watershed in Bristol is like being inside a busy mind having a bright, lucid dream. While that dream flickers on the screen below, a small team of quiet, soft-footed people take turns to tend to the inner-workings of this mind – the finer points of projection – and invisibly exist both inside and outside the cinema experience. 712 more words


Double Feature #23 - My Darling Clementine and Ace In The Hole

On this week’s post, I was aiming for some contrasts. I wanted to look at two films with very different perspectives on the American experience. One is optimistic, exploring one of the celebrated American heroes. 4,432 more words

Double Feature

Ace in the Hole

Absolutely thrilled to introduce Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole (1951) at Bristol’s Cinema Rediscovered festival at the Watershed this weekend.

Lectures And Introductions