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News by the second

Charles Tatum: I can handle big news and little news. And if there’s no news, I’ll go out and bite a dog.

Ace in the Hole (1951) 735 more words

Ace in the Hole - Sunset Boulevard

This film contains one of my favourite movie quotes when Jan Sterling’s character says to Kirk Douglas: “I’ve met some hard-boiled eggs in my time but you?

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Senility is forgetting where your ace in the hole is holed up.


Ace in the Hole (1951)

Director: Billy Wilder

Early in Ace in the Hole, journalist Chuck Tatum finds himself stranded in Albuquerque and makes his way to the local paper. 258 more words


Kirk Douglas: Disaster Tourism for Fun & Profit

We humans are fascinated by disaster and tragedy.

Many tourist attractions (politely named “Interpretive Centres”) have been built on the sites of man-made and natural disasters. 659 more words


Ace in the Hole (1951) & Nightcrawler (2014)

Ace in the Hole concentrates on the abrasive former big city journalist, Chuck Tatum (Kirk Douglas), after he has blown every chance and decimated his own life doing as he pleased. 932 more words