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My Ace Of Spades

You are my ace of spades

My black spadille

Gothic makeup upon your face

An infallible will.

Are you to be my death

Or a position of surrender? 49 more words

The #Cuckservative Con

Recently, we’ve been seeing the #cuckservative hashtag thrown around a lot on Twitter, usually in defense of Donald Trump. Ostensibly, the people using this hashtag are upset conservatives who feel like they have been “cuckolded” by the GOP establishment. 1,198 more words


(Wo)Man Up

I grew up in Roosevelt, Long Island, NY (yep, did like the shit was in Canada…shoot me). I was a black kid, in the hood, who liked Linkin Park and anime. 406 more words


Netroots wordsmith inspires conservatives to try their privileged hands at #NNPoetry

While the Family Leadership Summit, with the noted exception of Donald Trump’s cheap shot at Sen. John McCain’s POW status, showed a party membership which is essentially united on a number of fundamental issues, the Left’s Netroots Nation showed progressives united by little more than their love of divisiveness. 1,095 more words

US Politics

Light It Up

NEW MUSIC!!!!! Just dropped my latest single from my upcoming “III” album titled “Light It Up”. Check out the jukebox video for it. Official music video coming soon.


Kliff Killer Paragraph One

The opening paragraph to Kliff Killer, a story I’ve been working on so long I don’t even remember where the idea came from. If the intrigue grabs you, leave a comment and I’ll post more. 293 more words

Ace Of Spades