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Fun with Fire: Oxy-Acetylene Basics

If generations of Hollywood heist films have taught us anything, it’s that knocking off a bank vault is pretty easy. It usually starts with a guy and a stethoscope, but that never works, so the bad guys break out the cutting torch and burn their way in. 236 more words

Classic Hacks

Beauty Bits Haul - Sally's, & Other Stories and Muji

Last Friday I went to an event in London (which you can read about here, it had the goodie bag of all goodie bags!) and went for a quick wander before heading back on the train. 769 more words


How-to Guide - Hand Lay-up on Fiberglass Molds


Remove dust and dirt from mold.

a. If mold is of plaster, wood, or new fiberglass, apply soft wax (Wax #2) and buff with soft towel. 638 more words

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Cucumber Soda - Rocket Fizz

This was another soda that might have done better had it not been for its involvement in a blind tasting. Granted, it did much better than the… 307 more words

Rocket Fizz

Healthiest Nail Polish Removers

Nail polish removers can really take a toll on your nails and skin. If you’re using remover that is “bad”, which most of them are, a long list of negative effects can soon follow after. 161 more words


8 Solvents for Cleaning Up your next Job

A major part of our business here at FGCI is dedicated to solvents. Solvents are used for many things, but especially for cleanup. When you finish a project, you want to be able to clean up your mess, right? 396 more words

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Fail Of The Week: How NOT To Smooth A 3D Print

Many of the Fail Of The Week stories we feature here are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. At worse, gears are ground, bits are broken, or the Magic Blue Smoke is released. 324 more words