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Purple Tentacle Tuesday

Greetings. Today’s theme: purple tentacles! (No, that’s not a euphemism.)

First up on our list is this beauty of an octopus, the Octo Rod.

This intrepid purple fella is part of Topps’ 1980 series, Weird Wheels, which had 55 cards in all. 436 more words

The Spooky 1970s


After meeting you, I had a splendid dream
Even though it only lasted for seconds
To me, it’s like an infinity
I’m calling to protect you… 226 more words



The fragment of dream you gave me
Is lurking in the night before the dawn.
Of a pair of stars hung in the sky peak, 199 more words


Beautiful Lyrics Sharing: Moon's Curse

Moon’s curse in this icy dream……

In a world with no words

I keep on professing my love

Until one day it reaches you

An intense wish falls from those lips that… 235 more words


Cremation Song

The music of this lyric

The joy is gradually breaking apart,

and the sadness is gradually wearing away.

Holding onto all the fantasies,

Right now I light up a flame in the dark. 267 more words


Translation: Stardust Utopia

Music of this lyric

Today, I’m hanging high upon the unrealistic sky

and painting stars over the black canvas.

Silence, all my running instincts and the things I’m pursuing after. 176 more words


Exclusive: 'Assassin's Creed Origins' Creative Director Takes CASSIUS Inside New Adventure

Game developer Ubisoft is one of the companies leading the charge for diversity in the gaming community, albeit with mixed results. Through a number of hits and misses, the company has stayed the course learning from missteps to be regarded as one of the most forward thinking companies in the community. 1,934 more words