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Peace and Friendship by AshkanRazavi

Part of relief in Persepolis/Iran belongs to Achaemenid era 330-550 BC

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The history of Isfahan can be traced back to the Palaeolithic period. In recent discoveries, archaeologists have found artifacts dating back to the Palaeolithic, …

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Beautiful World

Alexander the Great and Star Wars

If you’ve been following my blog for while, you should know what’s going to happen in this post.  I’m going to make a crazy link between ancient history and Star Wars… You know that, right?  351 more words


Vishtaspa karanaya

A famous passage of Xenophon goes as follows (Xen. Hell. 1.4.3):

Cyrus had a letter with him, bearing the King’s seal … among other things it contained these words: I am sending Cyrus down to the coast as…

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War Horse Part 4: The Persians

Painting of Cyrus The Great in battle.

The rise of the Achaemenid or Persian Empire in the sixth century BC was swift, arguably due to the endeavours of Persia’s first influential king, Cyrus The Great. 777 more words


The Pazyryk Shield

I recently had the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg and see some things which I had wanted to see for very many years. One of these was the shield excavated by S.I. 1,128 more words


How Do You Pronounce Those Accented Characters in Ancient Near Eastern Languages Anyways?

Specialists in ancient Southwest Asia do not always name and define the special accented characters which they use to transcribe words in languages like Aramaic, Babylonian, Sumerian, and Old Persian. 857 more words