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Failure is Your Choice Only

It is not about me, but about the Awesome Awethentiq Jesus. The Real One.

My presence here serves one purpose, to take you out of religion and into Jesus. 126 more words

Faith In Jesus

Strategic Planning

“A strategic plan is simply picking a general direction and implementing it like hell.” ~ Jack Welch.

I believe in planning.

I believe in changing your plan. 132 more words

Women want energetic guys.

She said I am going to catch em all.

Was she referring to pokemon cartoons or the guys at the club?

She is attractive , no denying. 177 more words


Which way are you going?

Ignorance is bliss, let’s face it.

Dumb people will be around you unwantedly and unexpectedly and you can’t control it ,that’s just sad.

But is there way to steer away from the herd of petty people so you don’t go through suffering? 107 more words


Do What's Right And You'll Never Go Wrong

Life feels like a test at times. It’s a test I didn’t study for. It’s a test none of us could have studied for.

An unexpected event may come into our lives and it seems like a huge essay question. 521 more words

It's A Beautiful Life

You can do anything you want, but...

This isn’t a ‘you can achieve anything, honey!’ type post. For example, I know that I will never do an Ironman because I swim like a brick who has turned grass on the Mafia and have been given a pair of concrete boots. 780 more words


I Doughnut Want To

Ah, willpower. The difference between choosing that chocolate doughnut or the bowl of broccoli as a snack. Some days you have all the willpower in the world and others you don’t. 612 more words