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Short Term and Long-Term thinking

Short term thinking seems really nice at first. What can I get in the shortest amount of time, the easiest, that would require less effort, less pain, and less discomfort and investment? 283 more words

If You Do Not Set Your Own Value and Your Own Goals the World will Never Reward You

I watched these motivational videos and made this post when I was going through a little crisis during last spring. I felt motivated and I felt I had the power and control even though it sometimes doesn’t feel so – especially when you’re thousands of miles from home, speaking with weird accent and struggling to get your things in order in multiple areas of life. 193 more words


Reestablishing Goals

While cleaning my room last week, I found a list of my “new year’s goals”. Well, let’s just say that I had forgotten most (even though they are actually posted on this blog) and I definitely slacked. 493 more words



Life is not easy..it’s full of struggle….even not in fantasy stories…without struggle you can’t get anything…Some people never achieve their dream because they easily give up…you can not get anything easily as you wish… Life may come with many surprises  it may be good and may be shocking also..Don’t just stand there and Stare, Get up and do something about your dreams….to accomplish your dreams… To get your goal… Make the best out of everything…Believe in yourself….stay strong… and never give up….Success is not achieve in a night….It  may take time…But…But Don’t forget that you are closer to your goal than you was yesterday…keep trying time will turn … So..NEVER GIVE UP….

Daily Thought

The only way you achieve the self esteem you desire...

I have learnt, in my life that the only way ,you can achieve the self esteem you desire, is by wishing people well
You ,can do what the hell you want , but if there’s a part of you that is ,unhappy with someone’s happiness….. 11 more words


Workweek hustle smashed.

I love my Fitbit, nothing new there. I’m very competitive with myself & apparently equally competitive with challengers. I’m usually part of a Workweek Hustle challenge & last week I was very determined since I had increased my daily step goal. 14 more words