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The real ME...

I am back again with another interesting topic, everyone wants to know more about the person behind the blog – More about the things I like, what I’m good at and many more. 474 more words


Is Your Life Getting TOO Comfortable?

Sometimes in life we get a little bit too comfortable with our surroundings. Being comfortable is good since it reflects a sense of stability and reliability, but sometimes it can hold us back from accomplishing so much more and ultimately moving forward. 648 more words

Random Thoughts

You may never know what you can do until you’ve done it
Austin Jr. Ngbede Ameh


If you are willing to work, you can acieve more than you ever imagined
-Maynard Webb


14 Ways Modern Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Business Success

(Source: www.forbes.com)

In today’s modern marketplace — crammed with competitors, fickle consumers and e-commerce decisions — it takes more than initiative, drive and passion to achieve success with a new business. 318 more words

Money Matters

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Hey everyone – pretty please come and “like” and share my page around on facebook, to all your friends. I want to share hope and guidance with as many people as I can. 6 more words

Guide To Achieving Your Goals Through Your Relationship

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As seen in our previous article Google For Your Beauty, one is very happy when they find the right one for them and if you followed the steps listed in entering your new relationship, you would notice that the compatibility level you have with your present date is better than that of your EX. 589 more words