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After Thoughts

How often do we accept going through a challenge simply for challenge’s sake?

How often do we bite off more than we can chew, thinking that if we settle for a lesser challenge, a lesser trial (you know, something we can actually handle and grow from), that we’re simply too weak a person? 96 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Hi! So I know I’m seriously slacking with blogging at the moment.. But I don’t think I was prepared for the amount of work I have to do for my Masters (Uh-oh). 207 more words


Slimming World #2 | Determination

“Look in the mirror… That’s your competition”

My second Slimming World post and todays is about determination! Yesterday I had my weekly weigh in and I won’t lie I was pissed!

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5 Steps to Success: A Surefire Way to Achieve Your Marketing Plan

5 Steps to Success: A Surefire Way to Achieve Your Marketing Plan No doubt you started this year with some big ideas about what you wanted to accomplish with your business and marketing plan. 27 more words

Don't Limit Yourself, Achieve More Now | Motivation and Success

In today’s motivation and success video, Luis Angel, Superhuman Champ, talks about Not Limiting Yourself and to Instead Achieve More Now!

Even your flaws should be out there, because what you see to be a flaw others may not. You’re harsher on yourself because you think of how others will see you but it’s your life to live and you never know who will come into your life or what you can achieve if you show yourself, the good and the bad.

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