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Hold on to your dream and stay focused

My sister sent this video to me, shortly after a friend of mine said not to ever give up on my dreams. So now I watch it whenever I need the motivation to keep me going, to work hard, all for the purpose to care for my family & to serve others. 383 more words


You know.....

There is 86,400 seconds in a whole day.

What you do with them is upto you.

So think about, it what excuse have you got not to be productive. 26 more words

Law Of Attraction

Blogtober| Day Twenty Seven - A Letter to Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I’m sat writing this post on the 27th of October 2016. Whether you take a look back at this next year, in three years or 30 years (if my website is still going by then – it better had be) I want you to think very carefully about this particular date and how your life was back then. 429 more words


Quotes 10/27/2016

Here’s to an amazing Thursday. Take advantage of the beautiful day if you can!!

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

Bo Jackson

A Quote A Day

Have a Vision...

Vision is the starting point of all high performance. You create things twice; first mentally, then physically. The biggest barrier to high performance is not the physical manifestation but the mental creation.

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"Follow your passion", not yet.

The most heard advice for the current generation and probably the most hated advice for their conservative parents. “Follow your passion”

Its an absolute blessing, if your mind goes to that ONE thing as soon as somebody tells you that. 170 more words

Top 10 Retirement Mistakes You Should AVOID

(Source: www.areyouready.sg)


​By Jarrad Brown


There’s far more to retirement planning than simply making mandatory contributions to your superannuation fund or putting your surplus cash each month into a savings account. 1,197 more words

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