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Our Education System Is A Reflection Of Our Society!

Here’s our response to the Question of the Day!

Question of the Day: I work for a PWI and I am a POC. We have a large population of SOC, but we have no programs to support these students. 346 more words


Everything I Thought I Knew About Kindergarten, I Was Wrong

In 1986, Robert Fulghum published his New York Times bestseller “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. Its wisdom resonated with the masses, and it remained on bestselling lists for nearly two years. 2,018 more words

More To Think About

Foster Care’s Impact on Young Children and Their School Readiness

Every year, thousands of young children enter foster care just as they’re getting old enough to enter school — and they face challenges in achieving success. 428 more words


Getting Kids Ready For School

What do young kids need to be ready to start and succeed in school? You can find out more about the latest research, “kindergarten readiness goals,” and things you can do to prepare your child by watching… 11 more words

Local Issues

The Achievement Gap

I’m not buying it. Sometimes, my students accuse me of reading too much into a thing. So tell me what you think. Achievement implies that the students are not achieving. 389 more words


It's time to make MCPS choice programs more equitable, too

As Montgomery County’s schools resegregate by race and class, special “choice programs” (including magnets, language immersion programs, and the Northeast and Downcounty consortia) designed to create advanced learning opportunities and integrate schools aren’t working. 644 more words

School Equity