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'Basic' Education

In 2005 I heard Bill Gates speak to the National Governors’ Association:

“Once we realize that we are keeping low-income and minority kids out of rigorous courses, there can be only two arguments for keeping it that way – either we think they can’t learn, or we think they’re not worth teaching.  468 more words

Why rich kids are so good at the marshmallow test, by @JessicaCalarco 

Why rich kids are so good at the marshmallow test, by @JessicaCalarco

The failed replication of the marshmallow test does more than just debunk the earlier notion; it suggests other possible explanations for why poorer kids would be less motivated to wait for that second marshmallow.

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Deficit Thinking

The Media on Education 20180529

Teachership is not just about principles and practices in the classroom. Other people are writing about education. Let’s do some critical thinking about what they write, shall we? 1,524 more words


Does it matter if some can’t read?

Although nearly everyone would subscribe to the ideal of universal literacy, there are plenty of pragmatists in education who believe that in reality, we must accept that a certain proportion of students will leave school illiterate to some degree – that is, reading well behind the norm for their chronological age. 779 more words

School-wide Literacy

I think of “A Nation at Risk” as the Gulf of Tonkin incident or “Iraq has WMD’s” of education reform, a decades long war launched by a lie.

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Brave Enough To Fail Awards $2,000 in Scholarships to Faith Preparatory School

Brave Enough To Fail has added yet another “Brave” school to it’s growing ranks.  Students at Faith Preparatory School in New Milford Connecticut received a big dose of motivation and inspiration to “Be The Boss of Their Dreams” along with some scholarship money help launch them toward success. 198 more words

Is Abrupt Change in School Turnaround Always the Best Route?

In a time when school accountability is looming, the call for rapid school improvement is ever present. “School turnaround” implies the need for abrupt change. However, the overused term quite possibly causes many working systems and successful instructional practices to be unnecessarily interrupted. 43 more words