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Coming to Terms with H. Richard Milner IV's article, "Rethinking Achievement Talks in Urban Education"

I am analyzing a document called, “Rethinking Achievement Talks in Urban Education”, by H. Richard Milner IV. 

APA citation

Milner, H. R. (2013). Rethinking achievement gap talk in urban education. 1,555 more words

Achievement Gap

High Techpatations Daily?

Say what?  Yes, I have just discovered a website that is geared to using technology in our classrooms that also shows movements in education around the globe.   112 more words

New Teachers

6 Ways Students are Braver than We Give Them Credit For

Have you ever taught a child whose mother has just left her family to return to her homeland and does that on the exact morning that my student has to take a state wide standardized test?   178 more words

Child Development

Why Jeff Sessions is Great for Public Schools

by Christopher Paslay

Jeff Sessions’ objective application of the law will be a positive change from the racial divisiveness of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, whose race-based policies demoralized teachers and tied the hands of school administrators.  812 more words

Achievement Gap

A Coalition of the Willing

As the new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos possesses an incredible – and rare – opportunity to truly transform public education. Returning decisionmaking to states and localities. 544 more words


Never say never ever

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I distinctly remember saying that I would NEVER go on to pursue a Master’s Degree.  Several years later upon completion of a Master’s Degree, I insisted that I would NEVER pursue any formal studies beyond that.  745 more words

The Journey Begins

Bridgeport Students Left to Fend for Themselves

The recent article in Ct.Post by Linda Conner Lambeck “Bridgeport Schools brace for potential cuts” raises all sorts of questions and concerns. How is it that Math and Literacy could even be considered to be on the block for any school district? 207 more words