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Write to Live: A Log on Primeval Trail

Hurtling logs is a semiotic act, for me. I jumped over logs in the thinner forests of spring, pretending I wore T’Challa’s skin instead of my own and pacing my heart with drum-music. 148 more words


Write to Live: Musician's Intuition

I want to unpack this notion of “writing to live”, presently. It cannot be a hollow, “just do it”, reductionist-species of motivational phrase. This fresh axiom also needs separated from another, superficially-similar suggestion to “write like your life depends upon it.” These two sentences come from different poetics. 1,088 more words


Achieving Women Against the Odds

There are so many valiant women in the world and most go through their days with no recognition.  Many have gone through traumatic experiences and have lived to tell the tale.  373 more words

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A couple of Sundays ago I didn’t have to teach Sunday School because all of the youth were on a mission trip so I got to sit in on the Adult Men’s class. 313 more words


When I help those who see themselves as ordinary, re-envision themselves as extraordinary, then I know am leading as Spirit would have me to lead.

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#10: Greatest Achievement of my Summer Semester

Going into my summer semester of college, I did not know what I expect. I know that doing courses during my summer would not be too much of a good idea because of my procrastination. 225 more words

Question: How Can I Be Peaceful

Answer: Be peaceful. Serenity is the answer to peace, both inner and outward peace. Being peaceful does not mean you are a passive milk-toast and that you allow others to walk all over you. 146 more words

Climb Every Obstacle