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Who succeeds in forming and leading a great group? They are almost always a pragmatic dreamers. They are people who get things done and they are people with immortal longings. 14 more words


Admire your own achievements.

Sometimes we keep looking up to someone else’s achievements, which we consider to be “greater”. In that way, we disregard those of our own. 8 more words


Why It's Perfectly Okay To Be An Under-Achiever

Reach for the stars!

We are told this in kindergarten and throughout our youth. We remember it as we navigate young adulthood and contend with two competing desires: the need to follow our dreams and the need to eat, pay our bills, and not freeze to death in winter. 839 more words



I made Cake!!!!! lemon cake to be exact, never made cake before. I have tried it once with cake mix but i burnt it so i thought i would be terrible. 72 more words

Are you a mature person?

You should be mature
Please act according to your age

This is what I hear repeatedly in my life 🙁😕

I think maturity something when you stop thinking how others perceive you. 155 more words

My first curling game

Hej allihopa! Today I tried curling for the first time, and oh boy, was it fun! I was never into one particular kind if sport, but this time I fell in love! 54 more words