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What is a Success Pinnacle?

Your success pinnacles may be many more than you realize.

A success pinnacles is whenever you break a personal record and reach an intentional or unintentional goal, such as this morning, when I managed to float in the ocean for the first time, like a jelly fish. 559 more words

Mental Success

Hello Guys,

Welcome to my VERY FIRST BLOG POST yass. So welcome to my blog I’m so excited to be doing this I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while actually I’ve had a blog in the past but something happened …. 82 more words

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Nonstop Knight (Android) Review

The popularity of idle mechanics in mobile games cannot be overstated as more and more games use idle type gameplay in their games. Here is one of those games. 340 more words


Everything is Awesome

Yesterday, something magical happened.

I must confess, I’ve stopped reading Wowhead and MMO Champion in the manner which I used to in times past. Sure I have to occasionally go there if there’s news, but apart from that? 683 more words

General Warcraft Post

I Believe We Will Cure Depression by 2025.

The human race is facing a major opportunity for improvement.

According to The World Health Organization, over 800.000 people commit a suicide every year. That is a lot of human potential gone to waste. 704 more words

Mental Success

Too Many Things Happened To Come Up With A Witty Title (Part 1)

Oh, my dear readers! How I’ve neglected you poor souls! I am going to recap the highlights of the past month for you. I hope it doesn’t sound rushed. 1,444 more words



                                              YOUR PRIORITY

                                                                -Yugika Mital

‘Now if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you come up with a clever idea to get us killed or worse expelled.’ 733 more words