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Rest in peace to an amazing man, John Glenn, Jr.

‘John Glenn, the all-American astronaut and senator who rocketed into history on flights 36 years apart as the first American to orbit the Earth and the oldest person in space, died Thursday at age 95. 139 more words


Cool Vs Uncool - It Begins in High School

Although there may be many cliques in high school, everyone falls through two main cracks – cool kids and uncool kids (not to be confused with popular and unpopular kids). 539 more words


Why it pays to show gratitude

No matter what we are facing in life right now, there are things for which we can, and should, express gratitude. The act of focusing on the good things helps us keep moving forward during the tough times. 399 more words


Hardik Aggarwal - A Goenkan Star

1)  Hardik won the best bowler award in England by taking 15 wickets in 7 matches by representing Turf Sports Management  2)   Hardik represented Delhi in the Super 7 National School Games (School Games Federation of India) which were held in Telangana 2016 3)  Hardik will represent Delhi in the Senior Nationals which will take place in Ludhiana in December  


Are there weeds in YOUR garden of dreams?

This morning I saw a group of city workers in Copley Square planting flowers which, according to one of the men, were expected to bloom next spring.   241 more words


What’s the best time to start a business? What’s the best time to make a difference? What’s the best location for operating your business? Well I guess that’s why I started this journey to learn and find out the answers to these questions. 221 more words

African Dreamers