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Our Message To Every Girl with a Dream

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Today is the first day of Be A Girl Like Me! 370 more words


Order Of Independence

A friend of mine saw my “Let Freedom Ring” blog and asked how best to keep the little birds from coming back to the nest. Well that caught my attention and I realized that the new generation is ill-prepared for the real world. 918 more words

The LSAT: how does Elle Woods make it look so easy?

Once a person decides they want to go to law school, the LSAT is normally the biggest hurdle between you and the school of your dreams. 814 more words


It Takes a Simple Hi

Why is it Social Unexceptionable to speak to a stranger?

As a society we are lead to believe that speaking to strangers is wrong. Why is that? 220 more words

Achieving Dreams



Achieving our goals and dreams isn’t meant to be easy if so everyone would do it. That being the case one of the lead causes for people not achieving what they want in life is procrastination. 475 more words

Achieving Dreams

The killer Question

The Killer Question

You have the chance to ask a single question that could make or break you. What would you ask? The point of this is to be ready for when your future comes knocking on your door and you have that one chance. 359 more words

Achieving Dreams

Forging Your Own Path

I have been learning so much over the past year. One thing that I have realized that you will only get out of life what you put into it. 390 more words