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Donut Holes (aka: Running at a Walk Pace)

Yesterday, I participated in a marathon for the first time ever. No, not a Netflix marathon. It was the California International Marathon  , a popular race where runners from around the globe came to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon, or the US Marathon Championship, or the Olympic trials, or the $20,000 first place prize (I wish). 528 more words


How Do I Achieve My Goals

1: Make a Dream of it. First Everything begins in your heart and your mind. …
2: Believe it. Believe that you can achieve it. 37 more words


Everything comes with a great price in life

Taking a chance by putting blind trust in it requires a lot of power as nothing is guaranteed in life. Ups and downs are its colours but a struggle for it really matters. 592 more words

Our Message To Every Girl with a Dream

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Photo Credit: Greek Food-Ta Mystika

Today is the first day of Be A Girl Like Me! 370 more words


Order Of Independence

A friend of mine saw my “Let Freedom Ring” blog and asked how best to keep the little birds from coming back to the nest. Well that caught my attention and I realized that the new generation is ill-prepared for the real world. 918 more words

The LSAT: how does Elle Woods make it look so easy?

Once a person decides they want to go to law school, the LSAT is normally the biggest hurdle between you and the school of your dreams. 814 more words


It Takes a Simple Hi

Why is it Social Unexceptionable to speak to a stranger?

As a society we are lead to believe that speaking to strangers is wrong. Why is that? 220 more words

Achieving Dreams