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So Come With Me... to Never Never Land! #inspiration #dreams #FridayFeeling

Tinker Bell wants to know if you’re ready for an adventure.

I woke up thinking about Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell this morning. One of my favorite stories, Peter Pan, ignites my imagination. 150 more words

Looking Past The What If's

As I await the birth of my third grandchild, I can’t help but look back at when I was having babies of my own. The possibilities of life still seemed endless, and my naive interpretation of the world swirled in my mind. 210 more words

Middle-age Mayhem

As we begin to get older, one would think that we become more secure in who we are, but I am finding that now I am in my mid-forties, I have developed a whole new set of insecurities I never expected.   332 more words

Achieving Dreams


What can you imagine when you hear a word “dream”. Is it a series of images, which are apparently contradictory and nonsensical, but arise in reality from psychological material which yields a clear meaning.” or things that you want to achieve someday. 19 more words

Revisiting 11:11 Wishes

I think a lot of bloggers have a love/hate relationship with their statistics. Although most of us know that at the end of the day the numbers are just, well, numbers, sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the data WordPress shows us. 587 more words


Making Plans

The quote that immediately comes to mind is, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Well I’ve got a lot of plans. 418 more words