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The Haunting

What a lovely title, but that’s exactly what it feels like. When you have a dream and you know it’s sent by God, and “the haunting” occurs when you are not active in anything that will make the dream happened. 476 more words


Advice from an Expert-Helene Hadsell

This lady knows how to manifest her desires.  It is said, she has manifested over 5,000 items-one of which was a house!  She shares her secret in this video. 60 more words

Ima just do it!

So, blogging is one of my many desires. You know when you make up scenarios in your head and you just win at everything? …..Yeah this is one of those things, but really though my mother has been insisting that I start writing and so I got the idea of doing a blog. 81 more words


Taking those little, scary steps...

Last week I decided to take a few of those little, scary steps towards making one of my dreams real.  It has been a heart-beating journey each day I can tell you!   459 more words

A Clear Goal Is A Must

Before you can achieve anything in life, you must first know what you want.  You must be clear and specific.  You must be able to state it with clarity.   342 more words

Pumping up for Life!


Lately it has been extremely tough with my terrible, painful foot. You know when you just need something to give you a little push to make what you need happen? 236 more words

Chasing After Dreams

We all have dreams that we want to chase after. A lot of times, though, we don’t do anything to pursue them because we’re afraid of what people think. 236 more words