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Irrational Man, Illogical Man

Knowing ┬ánot where you are going – lost in a maze of ignorance of the true needs of self.

Consumed by senseless desires, like a dog chasing its own tail, going round and round in ever diminishing circles. 60 more words

Achieving True Needs

Consumerism and Capitalism

They are treacherous and lecherous bedfellows if excessive self interest and self gratification are their driving forces.

The problem with consumerism is that there are the self indulgent ones who live beyond their means but always demand more. 287 more words

Achieving True Needs


is one of mankind’s most perplexing enigmas for without TRUTH progress in life cannot be made.
Sadly, most of our lives are madly spent on pursuing false desires and attachments which only lead to tragedy and disappointment – wealth, fame, power, pleasure. 60 more words

Achieving True Needs

"Non Compos Mentis"

Has humanity reached a stage of mental/spiritual stagnation? Is it past the point of no return?

Disharmony. Distrust. Disenchantment. Disbelief  These insidious, moral cancers are rife in a dysfunctional world There is seemingly no solution because the mass of mankind is indifferent to or ignorant of them. 74 more words

Achieving True Needs

Optimism or Pessimism - It Matters Not a Jot

Because, “Unless you are someone who cares a whole awful lot
Nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.”(Dr. Seuss)
Consider also. If you continued to wash your clothes in dirty water would you consider them ever to become clean? 40 more words

Achieving True Needs


Alice: Following on from our previous conversations we are agreed that the purpose of life for man is to know the SELF and to be true to the SELF. 289 more words

Achieving True Needs


Alice: According to our previous discussions I believe that we came to the conclusion that the essence of life is being true to oneself. Without it life can only be a sham.So where does morality stand? 181 more words

Achieving True Needs