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My Thanksgiving List

I confess that Thanksgiving has always been my least favorite of the major U.S. holidays. All of the other holidays seem to offer more than Thanksgiving. 514 more words

Middle Age Ramblings

Turning our Hearts back to God

Remember when you were so in love with Jesus that nothing else mattered? When your heart burned with love and devotion for your savior? When you first became a Christ follower and your heart was completely His? 482 more words

Stand Out From the Crowd

@jonathankegler has asked me to guest moderate his fabulous chat, #nbtchat next Sunday evening. Of course I willingly and graciously said I would…then the work began. 269 more words

Sowing seeds

We get so entrenched in our own perception, that we come to believe it is reality. It is the only reality that we know. Should someone challenge that reality and say, “I see it differently,” we can even be a little incensed.  406 more words