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Saving face won an academy award for best short documentary in 2012. It follows the story of a number of women in Pakistan that have been victims of an acid attack. 71 more words


Losing soul after face hurts more, says acid attack victim

Hasan Mansoor

KARACHI: “When you lose your face, you lose the whole world and what hurts you more when your own child gets terrified by seeing the void in place of your face,” said Kanwal Qayyum, a young woman who survived a lethal acid attack by her husband seven years ago. 745 more words


Pakistan Oscar winner launches anti-acid campaign

By Hasan Mansoor | AFP  – Wed, Feb 29, 2012

Pakistan’s first Oscar winner launched a campaign on Tuesday, hoping that her documentary about survivors of acid attacks can help eliminate a crime that disfigures hundreds of women each year. 627 more words


Blind Acid Attack Survivor Demands Home Secretary Takes Action On Acid Sales

This week acid attack survivor Lynn Pereira locked herself in her bedroom when she learned that her plumber had a bottle of acid to unblock drains in the home she thought was a safe haven. 563 more words

Acid Attack Victims Take To LBC Radio Waves To Force Government Action

Pressure is mounting on the government to take strong measures to protect the public against acid attacks in the UK.

The public voted in droves on Saturday after hearing tragic accounts of acid attacks in this country on LBC, including the terrible story of my blind friend Lynn Pereira who almost died in Singapore when a gallon of acid was thrown at her in front of her four year old son. 470 more words

Acid Attacks

Join the campaign to rid the UK of acid attack scurge

I hope my many friends and colleagues will hit facebook and tweets to rid this country of a terror which I thought was lost in the mists of time in the UK, even though it is taking longer to eradicate abroad. 813 more words


My heart broke for Reshma when I read her story. Imagine walking out your front door. Your older sisters estranged husband and two other men attack you. 219 more words