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Acid Attacks on Women

EDX Course – Academic and Business Writing Journal 4.

This is the fourth journal of my writing course from Berkeley University. I hope everyone will like it and find it useful. 790 more words

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Rising Acid Attacks in Punjab with majority of assaults on Women. The root cause being rulers' criminal neglect!

پنجاب میں تیزاب گردی کے واقعات میں خوفناک اضافہ ۔ خواتین سب سے زیادہ تیزاب کے حملوں کا شکار جب حکمران متاثرہ افراد کی داد رسی نہ کریں گے تو ایسے انسانت سوز جرائم بڑھیں گے


Acid Attack Proposals "Big Disappointment" Luke Warm Reception from Victims

Acid attack survivor Lynn Pereira is hopping mad.  She is angry with the Government for proposing a set of “luke warm” proposals to curb acid attacks. 560 more words

We used to laugh more: Do I see things differently or is the world less funny?

Another piece that will evolve in time and is part of something bigger.

I grew up loving heavy metal music (referred to as “metal” here on out) In my hometown of Hamilton New Zealand it was what most white blooded young men liked (emphasis on white…) It was fast, loud, aggressive and macho something that most young men in Hamilton identify with and/or aspire to be. 2,310 more words

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London acid attack leaves 6 people injured

Six people were taken to hospital after a group of males reportedly sprayed a noxious substance near a busy shopping centre in east London, London Metropolitan Police… 122 more words


Acid Attacks in Nineteenth-Century Britain

By Cassie Watson; posted 13 September 2017.

The recent spate of acid attacks in London has led to renewed political and media attention on an especially horrific form of assault designed to maim and humiliate by damaging or even destroying the victim’s face with corrosive fluid. 2,294 more words


It is time for zero tolerance to acid attacks

By Manish Pandey.

Enough is enough.

It is high time for all of us to realise that we need to act. The use of acid as a way of attacking someone is, without doubt, one of the most barbaric acts. 964 more words

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