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Psychology Behind The Crime!

-Kripa Sigdel
Few days back, I heard 2 teen girls attacked by acid-attackers in Kathmandu.
I felt disheartened, saddened, hopeless and so many other emotions at a time for not being able to do anything about that crime. 762 more words



It burns you up
On the inside
Like acid
In your heart

Ego and Pride
It eats you up alive

Gnawing at you everyday… 118 more words


Zombie Mommy Diaries (Raising my daughter "Buddhist")

Zombie Mommy Diaries.

Raising my daughter “Buddhist” seems so out of sync with the world today.

I am teaching her, for example, things like not to wittingly hurt or kill any insects, not even mosquitoes that provoke us and suck our blood, whereas in the ‘real world,’ anonymous teenage boys throw acid and run away with not a single thought spared to the life of a human being. 95 more words

Talk Back

Acid Attacks on Women

For women living in many countries in our world, they are being punished for not going on a date, refusing to marry someone they don’t love. 150 more words

Rebel Posts

Little did i Know

Today I was very happy, it was last day of our school and from tomorrow winter vacations were on their way. All my friends had a selfie session, I clicked a selfie of my own, uploaded it on Facebook and within seconds likes, and comments, complimenting me started flooding :) . 604 more words

Rape, acid attacks, kidnap: girls face rising violence in fight for education - UN - Reuters

The Indian Express

Rape, acid attacks, kidnap: girls face rising violence in fight for education – UN
GENEVA (Reuters) – High-profile attacks such as the abduction 300 schoolgirls by Boko Haram in Nigeria and the shooting of Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan are a fraction of what is suffered by girls trying to get an education, the U.N. 37 more words


The Loss Of My Face

It was a Wednesday in early December, of about a decade ago. We had just come out of Mocambo a well-known restaurant off Park Street in Calcutta, after dinner, at about 1030pm. 784 more words