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1.Acid Attacks

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You must’ve cringed after looking at her face. If you didn’t,good. Its not her mistake she looks the way she does. 1,012 more words

Acid Attacks

Hong Kong woman arrested for throwing acid on husband

A woman in Hong Kong threw acid on her husband during a domestic dispute, a Chinese paper reported on Monday. The 53-year-old woman also splashed herself and the couple’s 18-year-old son, who called the police; the man–who’s suffered burns all over his body, according to the police–is in the hospital in critical condition, while the woman has been arrested and taken into custody. 56 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Attacked by acid for ‘looking at a boy’

She turned.

It was him.

Soft eyes.

Ruffled hair.

It was quick.

A glance.

He smiled.

She looked away.

 And in a flash it was over. 260 more words

Scars that last forever 

She was a chirpy little girl, beautiful as a rose and delicate like a glass.

Then came a monster, who crushed the rose and broke the glass. 370 more words

Post 61 - Day 35 'A Sport of Gentlemen' (Pt 1)

However, Day 34 had not ended with that parting. There had still been hours left to the day, and being unexpectedly energized after the completion of the transambulation of the fortress wall, now foot loose and free with the time that remained, I had decided to hike to the town below the palatial tourist complexes that are clustered close to the fortress. 1,298 more words