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The Scars of a Misogynist society

-Saurabh Bhat

‘Acid attacks’ are brutal instances of barbarism where acid is thrown at (almost always) a young woman’s face/body as an act of ‘revenge’ by man/men. 1,552 more words

Opinion Pieces

Terrible in Iran: new acid attacks against women. Six people attacked in two months!

Source: al-Arabiya

Again: again the Iranian press was forced to reveal that, in less than two months, six people were attacked with acid by “unknown people”. 105 more words



Women have been called queens or lakshmi for

a long time, but is the kingdom given to them

worth ruling with so many odds? ……….. 114 more words

India Needs to Seriously Address its Acid Attack Problem.

As is often the case with crimes against women, acid attacks are treated with official apathy and societal indifference.

The rising number of acid attack cases, from 83 in 2011 to 349 in 2015, shows India’s inability to grapple with this heinous crime. 977 more words


Today is [Inter]National Hug Day - These Women and More Need All the Support Possible.

An acid attack is predominantly carried out by a man to a woman, usually after he has been rejected/upset in some way; they are common in South Asia (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) and other parts of the world but the epidemic has been spreading with occurrences in Europe and the perpetrators and victims aren’t always Black/Asian (for the racists out there who think they are). 10,121 more words

Time And Culture

Gender discrimination

Disturbing news like Rape, Molestation and acid attacks are growing every day. It’s not like that these things did not happen in the past, but mostly used to be either suppressed or ignored. 335 more words

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Report of acid attack, protests & more from Iran

Young Baluchi targeted in acid attack in southwest Iran

At 7:55 pm on Monday, December 5th armed state agents in Zahedan, southeast Iran, splashed acid on a 29-year old Baluchi man in southeast Iran, according to incoming reports. 346 more words