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Magical Mystery Tour

I like this one almost as much as Sargent Pepper…  The Beatles are Immortal Gods of the Musical Underworld!  Sit back and enjoy this romp through some kind of acid trip.  Music soothes the savage breast!

Acid Trip


Loops. Almost anyone can tell you a general definition of the word and what a loop is. Its something that moves in a direction and ends up where it started only to repeat itself; kind of like a circle. 934 more words


The trip on acid

I always knew there was someone there even before this last summer when I tripped. During my trip all I thought about was this man with an unrecognizable face and the rest of his body was covered. 573 more words

Life Story

One pill makes you larger.....and one pill makes you small

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall with this Instant Bargain.

It’s a sterling silver service set for your next tea party!

And nobody will tread on you over the price, which is only ten bucks. 18 more words

Sale Of The Century

Notes under water/in the void

As I get the first initial plunge into the void and get the under water sensation I begin to see notes that I would leave myself all over and all around me. 322 more words


Under water

So I was smoking this one time and I decided to really pay attention to how it was making me feel. Half way done with the blunt I realized that I was really feeling the music that was playing in the back ground. 504 more words


Aqeedat Mand

Sabr krne ka na kehna aj mujhe

Sabr ‘wali’ he krte hain

Ibadat krne ka na kehna aj mujhe

Ibadat naikokar he krte hain

Zulm krne ka na kehna aj mujhe… 82 more words

Acid Trip