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NaPoWriMo Day 24: Ekphrasis

From Breviary, Use of Verdun c. 1302-1305

I only draw what I see,

Think it’s strange? So is reality.

I only draw what is there, 76 more words


Did I Just Take Acid?

Over the weekend I binged watched )if you can really call how short that was binge watching) Space Patrol Luluco. It was an anime the anime club at my school had watched two episodes of (they’re about 7 to 8 minutes of each), and I really enjoyed it. 119 more words


Asi marde mar gaye par hal na puchiya
Loki dasde das gaye
Pahar wasde was gaye
Piche parde par gaye
Sajde karde kar gaye
Te zulm akhde akh gaye… 22 more words


Charlie Murphy has Passed at the age of 57

Taking a break from the normal Tea Breaks. It has been reported that famed comedian and actor Charlie Murphy has passed away after his on-going battle with leukemia. 60 more words


love bloom

well, I’ve learned that I don’t really have any creative energy after a day of work and errands. here is┬áthe first half? third? of the piece I started tonight. 155 more words


“Look out for the summer within the weather with the autumn-y eyes the cloudy mind and those winter laden eyes which have seen the Monsoon rains shower or perhaps that heart made from the Hurricane which swipes away the land and leave behind a spring–of rosy lush with green brazen hills which look like the rustic evening of a day which is draped with ornaments from the night.

37 more words


The ruins of the colorful day, lay barren on the silted sea
Shackled in all the stories–we all tend to leave
One by one, dot by dot… 131 more words