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“Look out for the summer within the weather with the autumn-y eyes the cloudy mind and those winter laden eyes which have seen the Monsoon rains shower or perhaps that heart made from the Hurricane which swipes away the land and leave behind a spring–of rosy lush with green brazen hills which look like the rustic evening of a day which is draped with ornaments from the night.

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The ruins of the colorful day, lay barren on the silted sea
Shackled in all the stories–we all tend to leave
One by one, dot by dot… 131 more words


10/9/16, 7:34pm

10/9/16, 7:34pm, notes on iPhone

I think I am at c—‘s art exhibit not sure

words are the shadows and IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE… 865 more words


When Death ruled the valley of fear
Destiny cried with a misery for the dear
But they went to find the valley of the dead… 62 more words



The place between nature and humanity is serenity. It is that bridge where if we stand in bliss which is known as silence–we will feel the heartbeat of Earth.

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They All Stared

And thus began the day, bright and gay
She stood at the door
Made of rotten wood
With a veil over her head
She saw a naked world– 96 more words