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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson (1971)

Subtitled “A Savage Journey into the American Dream”, Fear and Loathing is Thompson’s semi-autobiographical, fiction-blurring, drug fueled journey into a critique of Vietnam War era American culture. 87 more words

Throwback Reviews- Sab Watches The Last Unicorn

‘It’s a very rare person who is taken for what he truly is.’ – Schmendrick the Magician

Last night, in an effort to get some sleep, I turned on the TV and landed on something unexpected– Rankin/Bass’s production of The Last Unicorn. 1,382 more words


This Kind of Pleasure ~ The one awfully cool collaboration

I love collaborations.
I do love collaborations.
I’m happy and grateful for my amazing co-authors.

Kasey Stafford (how are you, Kasey? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you… I hope, you’re OK!) 426 more words


On the Trail of Kerouac's Ghost #7

I’ll want to tell you something now.
And it’s this. When I tripped with friends (or just by myself with a good friend present to watch over me) when it was clear that things were winding down, that the chemicals were finally diminishing- – getting used up, we would sit wearily and finish our last laughs (odd thing was that laughter had become a language in it’s own right in that kingdom we were in and bless us we had learned to speak and understand it) and we were kind of sad about it. 422 more words


The Worst Acid Trip Ever

I was in grade 11 when I met my first boyfriend.  He was a cousin of a friend of my sisters.  She was visiting him in hospital and my sister and I tagged along.  372 more words