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The Worst Acid Trip Ever

I was in grade 11 when I met my first boyfriend.  He was a cousin of a friend of my sisters.  She was visiting him in hospital and my sister and I tagged along.  372 more words


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Brain Wreck on an Acid Trip

They say psychedelics can be the gateway to another dimension, that LSD or DMT can morph our brains into an antenna to communicate with an unknown world. 3,353 more words

No. 265

The tunnel–is a tunnel; the same for the train

The same for the the person hiding from the rain

A shore is a shore;  the same for the sea… 146 more words

The World And The Worldly.

February 21, 2015

I’m very thirsty. One thing that no one ever tells you about the desert is that it actually makes you very thirsty. I’m so thirsty that all the pores in my skin have gone completely dry and I’m not even sweating anymore! 841 more words


The Barnacle Bridge

The foghorn in my neighbors house was blaring for 20 minutes today, who lives in a pineapple anyway?  Walking across the barnacle bridge watching the sunrise over Bikini Bottom.   83 more words


Timothy Leary's Tune In Drop Out : Just Some Psychedelics

not sure if you can dig this but I always found Leary’s voice a soothing instructor of pscydelics expriences. 

This post is for two purposes. 196 more words