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acid trip

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.

I’ve been at war.

Since being promoted to Manager in December, I’m responsible for others’ well-being, not just what I am individually working on. 406 more words

Bipolar 2

The Writ

He was right in front of me in a sudden, alarming sort of way then, with the three hyenas spread out a bit.

I thought about that night I got banned from that pool hall on 4th street near campus because those ‘gangstas’ didn’t like losing money to the white boy. 1,517 more words



Yaar kai wasf ne belagaam kar dia
Kon be-sahara tha is weerane mai,
Us ne kinara kar dia
Dhool mitti ka khel hai,
Be-yaar ne lachaar kar dia… 113 more words


I’m flying in Winchester Cathedral

I listened to an interview with Graham Nash a few days ago. He spoke of his influences, and talked about how he came up with a few of his classic songs, before turning our attention to his new album. 808 more words


Qadeem Khanay tau dur hogaye
Ankhon ki zad mai akai, saathi majbur hogai
Qehat zada tamashon mai,
Dhundai baarish k qatrey
Aj yatim khanay phir se bhuk se bharpur hogaye… 33 more words


Medicinal LSD

I watched a brief news item; researchers are looking into the possible medicinal use of LSD. Many people see LSD (Lysergic acid-diethylamide) as an illegal… 108 more words