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Music of Oblivion

Drag the dead leaves within, around

Today when the Hermit goes to work

Faces the music of oblivion

Sets the existence on fire

Breaches chaos… 59 more words


November 30th, 2014

What happened next was quite mind-boggling. It was almost as if the existence of everyone else didn’t matter. I began to get hit with waves of emotional boosts that would continue to confuse me for the next couple of hours. 689 more words


November 29th, 2014

This day would mark the beginning of my awakening. Before this time I had never dove into the realm of psychedelics and this would not be the last. 337 more words


Fear & Loathing In Google

“Google’s “Deep Dream” artificial intelligence system works (more or less) by subjecting (I guess that’s the right word) an image to a layer of artificial neurons which will build upon certain aspects of said image (like a surface or pattern or edges or color) to turn it into something that it previously wasn’t. 48 more words

The News


Musafir ka koi thikana na ho

Dard ka koi paimana na ho

Khak ka koi mitana na ho

Pyas ka koi bahana na ho

Qaid ka koi sarhana na ho… 13 more words

Bazme Anjan

Tribute to Chris Squire

Written by Erik Wermuth

Habit forms the backbone of our lives. Great or small, fry cook or Nobel laureate, humanity’s collective life is lived in the deep grooves we’ve formed for ourselves through years of repetition. 870 more words

Music FTW


It was a teardrop away they said, forgiveness was

Had they seen it?

It was a second away they said, death was

Had they heard it? 46 more words