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The science behind a good cup of coffee

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide, with countless cups of the dark, alluring elixir brewed up each day. And, lucky for those coffee-guzzlers out there, mounting data suggest it’s good for you; moderate coffee drinking has been linked to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, liver diseases, diabetes, and an overall lowered  1,302 more words


Pixi glow tonic

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Properties of acids and bases

Properties of Acids

  1. Acid tastes sour and must not be tasted.
  2. Acids turn blue litmus paper to red.

  3. Aqueous solutions of acids conduct electric current. They are therefore good electrolytes…

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Tooth Bunny’s motto: “Drink Water. Brush and Floss. Don’t Let Germies be Your Boss” encompasses the basic to optimizing oral health for a lifetime

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Healthy Teeth

Is Lemon Water damaging my teeth?

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Lemons and Lemon juice is essentially acidic.  However, there are numerous benefits of drinking lemon water, from improving digestion to strengthening your liver. Drinking lemon water is also a common approach to detoxifying the body or as part of weight loss plans.  291 more words

Acids and Bases

This website is a great way to get children to understand acids and bases in their lives. It features games, or “challenges,” that have them test the pH of multiple everyday or household liquids. 53 more words