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REVIEW || Tili Beauty Box - Part Two || BECCA, Elemis & Alpha-H


Part two of what is going to end up a three part special on the TiliBeauty box. As of yet I can’t give a full review to either the Vita Liberata tan or the BareMinerals serum, as the tan is supposed to last two to three weeks, and skincare is always a slow burner, but I can offer honourable mentions to both for their initial application – tan hasn’t streaked (I always like the option of leaving the house mid-bake, for late night nappy/wine dashes) and on the two days I’ve used the serum, makeup has applied beautifully over it. 1,192 more words


pixi glow mud cleanser


PRICE: £18.00

MY STORY: as you can tell from this picture I’ve pretty much used up the entire tube of this cleanser. Whilst cleansers can usually be judged quickly I wanted to give the glycolic acid element some time to work on my skin. 286 more words

8 Useful Facts You Should Know About Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for seniors under Alzheimer’s care. There are many health benefits that come from taking them every day.

The strengths and weaknesses of acids and bases - George Zaidan and Charles Morton

Vinegar may have a powerful smell, but did you know it’s actually a weak acid? In the chemical economy, acids actively give away their protons while bases actively collect them — but some more aggressively than others. 27 more words

Gr. 11-12 Chemistry

Skyr natural yogurt


PRICE: £1.80

MY STORY: no this isn’t a mistake, natural yogurt (it doesn’t have to be Skyr, this is just what I have in the fridge today) is one of the best acid masks I’ve used. 334 more words

Mini Haul!


Today, I have been doing a little shopping, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I have taken skincare advice from YouTube, mainly a YouTuber called Patricia Bright, and I have ordered a few products she recommended, but I have also seen 1 or 2 things that look a bit interesting and I would like to try for myself! 717 more words

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