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Ted ED. The strengths and weaknesses of acids and bases - George Zaidan and Charles Morton

Vinegar may have a powerful smell, but did you know it’s actually a weak acid? In the chemical economy, acids actively give away their protons while bases actively collect them — but some more aggressively than others. 27 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

European pilchard: often overlooked source of omega 3

The Sardina pilchardus is a marine teleost fish, which lives in the Mediterranean and on the eastern side of the Atlantic, was characterized by a compressed body, which can reach 30 cm in length, with a ventral margin (hull) notched a single dorsal fin and blue-silver; It is fished all year, especially in winter, during the breeding season. 130 more words


Detoxification Simplified

Here is the root and the answer to all our health issues. Pee in a jar today!

Raising Awareness

Buy Naturally Growing and Freeze Dried Acai Powder with High Nutritional Value

Are you seeking for organic health benefits of whole fruit acai berries? Do you want to buy acai, the antioxidant-rich “The beauty berry” growing naturally in the rainforest area of northern Brazil and reach to a unique collection of phytonutrients contained in it for your nutritional growth? 340 more words



You come home, 2:37am, reeking. You’ve been drinking. I see the cherry red stains on your white shirt from where you had spilled. Intoxicated, you let out a slight sigh as you unclick our bedroom door. 114 more words


Candida overgrowth

I’ve been doing a Chemistry project here at Candy’s corner since around late March.

I knew there was commonality in what goes wrong with the body, but I’ve realized there is also commonality in how the body heals, what we call the healing crisis.  816 more words

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