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Pharmaceris Sebo Almond Peel 5% review or an introduction to AHA`s

For the longest time…well I think almost 10 years, I have been using acids  as a part of my night-time routine. My first experience was with the brand… 862 more words

Rodial X-treme 5% acid micro scrub (after party facial scrub)


PRICE: £45 (I got it for £19.99 at home sense)

MY STORY: I found this on a random trip to home sense. It is still available online as the after party scrub on spacenk, John Lewis & House of Fraser, despite the name change, ingredient lists are identical. 290 more words

Skin clear ultra rapid action spot gel


PRICE: £4.99

MY STORY: anyone who has acne becomes expert at recognising signs of a new spot, a small bump, an area of redness, tingly pain…it used to frustrate me but now I see it as a chance to act early & prevent the spot from progressing & 9/10 times I’m successful. 336 more words

Here are the instructions for writing your lab report on acids, bases, and salts.

I’ve uploaded a document to the Lab Reports page describing how you should prepare your report for Experiment 6. The report is due tomorrow. Leave a comment in this blog post if you have any questions about writing the report.


Pixi glow peel pads


NAME: pixi glow peel pads

CONTENTS: 60 pads

PRICE: £24

MY STORY: I recently finished using first aid beauty’s facial radiance pads. Towards the end, my skin seemed dull & I was getting small breakouts which weren’t clearing up. 341 more words

 Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask


PRICE: £32

MY STORY: this is a throwback to the first acid mask I ever used a couple of years ago. I remember buying it after a 3 hour exam to cheer myself up!  323 more words

Origins out of trouble 10 minute mask


PRICE: £23.00

MY STORY: it’s a week since I last did a review, I had an exam & as I’m sure many of you have experienced, exam time is not happy skin time. 330 more words