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Foods to Help Boost Your Memory

There are many things can make us forgetful from lack of sleep to increased levels of stress to genetics. However, diet can also play an important role an individual’s brain health. 80 more words



This post is most definitely long over due! I said this would be coming since last month but I wanted to actually sit down and explain why exactly I like these products and this isn’t just “oh this moisturiser feels sooo nice on my skin”, this is “this actually works because of this active ingredient”. 1,499 more words


The Ordinary Haul

Here is my The Ordinary haul, finally! One of my serums did leak a little during shipment, because the cap wasn’t put on tight enough. It was loose when I opened that box; however, such little product leaked that I don’t think it’s a big deal. 1,002 more words


the ordinary azaleic acid 10%


PRICE: £5.50

MY STORY: azelaic acid is used to treat acne & rosacea by dermatologists but I’d never seen it readily available at decent concentrations until now. 362 more words

The ordinary lactic acid + 2% HA


PRICE: £5.80

MY STORY: I discovered lactic acid back in my student days & applied the cheapest form I could find – yogurt – to my face to get it’s exfoliating & hydrating benefits. 329 more words

Review: COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid (BHA)

This was my first product from COSRX and my first experience into chemical exfoliation.

I use it right after cleansing and using a pH balancing toner (I currently use a simple DIY combo of apple cider vinegar and water) and before AHA, hydrating toners and serums. 252 more words


Let's talk about lysine!

What is lysine?

Lysine is an essential amino acid, one of nine in fact, which means that it is essential to the human body via dietary intake as the body doesn’t make it naturally. 1,197 more words