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I am bilious acids rising to the mind. 16 more words

The Chemistry of Water

Hello everyone!

Today, I am going to write about water. I am going to write about the basics of water in terms of chemistry and just how amazing a molecule water is.👌 512 more words


Science Makes Sense, Week 13: Strong Acids, Bases, logarithms, pH, moles, Avogadro's number.

During my undergraduate days of studying chemistry, I remember a friend of mine who was in love with the subject.  She would say,” I want to keep my hands dipping in acid all my life!”  She could never have done that literally because most acids are corrosive liquids.   1,325 more words


2nd November 1936. The Acid Test.

Today in 1936 the English physical chemist Thomas Martin Lowry died, known for his theory showing the relationship between acids and bases.(1)

When acids and bases… 429 more words


Worldwide Carboxylic Acids Industry 2015 In-depth Analysis, Regional Forecasts, Size, Shares, Industrial Growth & Developments

The study delivers data acquired through primary and secondary research methodologies exploring the Carboxylic Acids market. The information in the report has been collated expertly by experienced analysts and is supplemented by visual representation of the detailed data in the form of tables and other infographics. 69 more words

Blueberry Plants

Planting blueberry can be a little tricky, these plants need acidic soil to grow properly, otherwise grow them in pots. [Photo CCBY-SA ChuckGrimmett]


Operation Runoff

By Christine Russell

Curriculum Connection: Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U) — Solutions and Solubility

In the activity provided by the link below, students conduct an acid/base titration to analyze a simulated acid spill.

Link to activity worksheets.

Gr. 11-12 Chemistry