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pH Rainbow Tube Demonstration

The lesson here is a good one and it applies to all your favorite demonstrations—they make terrific inquiry labs for your students!

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Gr 9-10 Science

Acids,Bases and Salts

Acids, Bases and Salts


All substances are acidic, neutral or basic (alkaline). How acidic or basic a substance is shown by its pH. There are several other ways… 627 more words


'Alien Juice Bar' - Cabbage Juice and pH Values

This classic interactive website is a great way to practice identifying acidic, basic, and neutral substances along with reading pH values. There are three different levels which increase in difficulty as the students complete each activity. 105 more words


Ionic Compounds in Aqueous Solution

Strong Electrolyte: substance that completely dissociates into ions when dissociated in

Non-Electrolyte: doesn’t dissociate into ions in

Acids: produces ions in aqueous solutions

Strong Acid: an acid that completely ionizes in a solution… 53 more words


Which is the actual neutral pH? Acids and bases

No, 5.5 is not the neutral pH. When asked about an acid, most would say it’s a corrosive liquid that’d make a hole through any material. 282 more words


How old is hydrochloric acid?

Asks an old paper by Ladislao Reti. From the journal Chymia, vol. 10, 1965, pages 11-23.

He runs through the usual well known sources of recipes for hydrochloric acid, such as Basil Valentine, De re Metallica etc, and ends up with a mid- 15th century Italian manuscript which is part of a work on dyeing, colours and the decorative arts. 359 more words


Chemistry Honors - Classes 14 & 15


  • Period B: Monday, February 2nd / Tuesday, February 3rd
  • Period D: Monday, February 2nd / Wednesday, February 4th
  • Period G: Tuesday, February 3rd / Wednesday, February 4th…
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