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Undemocratic by Jay Sekulow

Undemocratic by Jay Sekulow

Undemocratic by Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice), is a critically important book for our times.   202 more words

Then they came for an evangelical whistleblower and the Patheos Pagan writers said nothing ...

Last week, I unsubscribed from my weekly Patheos Pagan channel updates. It had been quite a while since any of the posts in the email blast had interested me enough to merit a click. 558 more words

Pastor Bruson

Update April 16, 2018 6:00 pm:

About an hour ago Jay Sekulow broadcast live an update to the case of Pastor Brunson incarcerated in Turkey. Below is what he said to us: 525 more words

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Write for Patheos and Support the NRA!

You too can join the Patheos family and support the NRA. It’s just 3 easy steps! 99 more words

6 Reason Why John Beckett is a Tool: Reflections on the Pagan Exodus from Patheos

Patheos-apologist John Beckett has written a 1-year anniversary retrospective about the exodus of about two dozen Pagan writers from the Patheos blogging platform, which just highlights again why Beckett still doesn’t get it. 1,001 more words

FBI reopening conservative group's case on Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting

(National SentinelCorruption: What a difference a change in presidential administrations can make.

Last October the FBI told the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative legal watchdog organization, that it had no actionable records regarding former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting last summer with ex-President Bill Clinton at the height of the bureau’s investigation into his wife’s mishandling of classified material on her home-brewed email server. 343 more words

What Does Trump's Lawyer Have to Do With the Patheos Pagan Channel?

So I’m watching Rachel Maddow tonight–something about threats to fire special investigator Bob Mueller–and I hear a name: Jay Sekelow.  He’s Trump’s lawyer. Where have I heard that name before? 1,139 more words